Belle – Bonjour lyrics

Belle – Bonjour lyrics

[Belle] Little the town it is a quiet village. On a daily basis like the only ahead of. Little the town filled with little other people, waking as much as say.

[Woman #1] Bonjour!

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[Woman #2] Bonjour!

[Man #1] Bonjour!

[Man #2] Bonjour!

[Man #3] Bonjour!

[Belle] There is going the baker along with his tray like at all times. The similar outdated bread and rolls to promote. Each and every morning simply the similar, For the reason that morning that we got here, To this deficient provincial the town.

[Baker] Just right Morning Belle!

[Belle] Just right morning Monsieur Jean. Have you ever misplaced one thing once more?

[Baker] Neatly, I imagine I’ve. Downside is I have can’t take note what. Oh neatly, I am positive it is going to come to me. The place are you off to?

[Belle] To go back this ebook to Père Robert It is about two fanatics in honest Verona.

[Baker] Sounds uninteresting.

[Group of Women] Glance there she is going That woman is unusual, no query.

[Man] Dazed and distracted can not you inform?

[Women #1] By no means a part of any crowd. ‘Motive her head’s caught on some cloud.

[Girls] No denying she’s a humorous woman, that Belle.

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[Man #1] Bonjour! Just right day! How is your circle of relatives?

[Woman #1] Bonjour! Just right day! How is your spouse?

[Woman #2] I want twenty pggs! That is too pricey.

[Belle] There should be greater than this provincial existence.

[Book Shop Clerk] Ah! If it is not the one bookworm on the town! So, the place did you run off to this week?

[Belle] Two towns in Northern Italy. I did not need to come again. Have you were given any new puts to head?

[Book Shop Clerk] I am afraid now not… However you could re-read any of the outdated ones that you would like.

[Belle] Thanks. Your library makes our small nook of the sector really feel giant.

[Book Shop Clerk] Bon voyage!

[Belle] Bye.

[Group Of Men] Glance there she is going That woman is so abnormal.

[Man #1] I ponder whether she’s feeling neatly.

[Group Of Women] With a dreamy a long way off glance, And her nostril caught in a ebook, What a puzzle to the remainder of us, is Belle.

[Belle] Oh! Is not this wonderful? It is my favourite phase as a result of you can see. This is the place she meets Prince Captivating. However she may not uncover that it is him until bankruptcy 3.

[Woman #1] Now it is no marvel that her title method good looks. Her seems have were given no parallel.

[Womens] However at the back of that honest facade, I am afraid she’s moderately extraordinary.

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[Woman #1] Very other from the remainder of us…

[Women] She’s not anything like the remainder of us.

[Villagers] Sure, other from the remainder of us is Belle.

[Gaston] Take a look at right here LeFou, my long run spouse. Belle is probably the most gorgeous woman within the village that makes her the most efficient.

[LeFou] However she’s so… neatly learn. And you are so… athletically susceptible.

[Gaston] I do know. Belle may also be as argumentative as she is lovely.

[LeFou] Precisely! Who wishes her if in case you have us?

[Gaston] Sure. However ever for the reason that battle I have felt like I have been lacking one thing. And Belle is the one woman that provides me that sence of…

[LeFou] Je ne sais quoi?

[Gaston] I do not know what that suggests.

[Gaston] Proper from the instant once I met her, noticed her, I mentioned she’s beautiful and I fell… Right here on the town there is simplest she, Who is lovely as me So I am planning to woo and marry Belle.

[Silly Girls] Glance there he is going, is not he dreamy? Monsieur Gaston, oh he is so adorable! Be nonetheless my middle, I am hardly ever respiring. He is the sort of tall, darkish, sturdy and good-looking brute. AAH!

[LeFou] By no means gonna occur girls

[Villagers talking]

[Belle] There should be greater than this provincial existence!

[Gaston] Simply watch I’ll make Belle my spouse!

[Villagers] Glance there she is going, that woman that is unusual however particular. A maximum abnormal mademoiselle. It is a pity and a sin, She does not relatively have compatibility in. However she in point of fact is a humorous woman… A good looks however a humorous woman… She in point of fact is a humorous woman… That Belle!

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