Belgium Lyrics YBN Nahmir | VISIONLAND

Belgium Lyrics YBN Nahmir | VISIONLAND

Description:- Belgium Lyrics YBN Nahmir are Equipped on this article. It is a new tune which is sang via well-known Singer ​YBN Nahmir. This tune is from VISIONLAND album. This Music will unencumber on 26 March 2021.If you’re looking out Belgium Lyrics then you might be at the proper submit. So with out losing time we could leap directly to Belgium Music lyrics.Music:– BelgiumSinger:– YBN NahmirAlbum:– VISIONLANDManufacturer:– RJ LamontWritten:– Aaron Christian, RJ Lamont & YBN Nahmir

Belgium Lyrics YBN Nahmir

Yeah, you spot
Those niggas were given me in this 17-hour flight, nigga, you now not tryna do none of this shit
On mamas, nigga, what the fuck?
I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ma name you again, although
Nigga, I’m comin’ in, although
That bitch-ass that— , nigga, I ain’t finna say an excessive amount of in this m—
What, you need me to mention that at the telephone, you weird-ass nigga?
I’ma inform—
Ok, I’ma name you again later[Verse 1]
Out in Belgium, needed to move fuck with my plug for the week
Had a excellent dialog, now them bitches come for inexpensive
I’m that nigga that might put you on them scams you wanna devour
Two-seater, giant Bentley, cash fallin’ out the seats
RJ attempted to take it out, I informed him, “Depart it within the sink”
When a nigga off that Henny, swear to God that I don’t blink
What’s that shit you are saying? Now dangle on, complain, that we will be able to hyperlink
In actual lifestyles, thesе niggas hoes, however be killers on thе beat
With those skinny-ass denims, this cash knot up in my pocket
It’s that grip, oh, you’ll be able to inform, I name that complain my pocket rocket
Plug my niggas with my plug and now they callin’ me the socket
Advised ’em stay it at the low as a result of them bitches watchin’
My first time sellin’ poles, I stored up and acquired some robin
Simplest nigga in my town made it out as a result of I’m poppin’
Complain, I’ve been from the South, so get my dick out your mouth
Niggas in point of fact ain’t know me, they only talkin’ for clout[Interlude]
Niggas higher forestall all that high-power shit, ’purpose if a nigga askin’ for it, it’s gon’ come
He informed me that I needed to cover my voice
Nigga hit me in my DMs talkin’ ’bout he want Playstation, talkin’ ’bout he were given a band for a P (Yeah, bruh, he’s excellent)
Close your bitch-ass up, nigga[Verse 2]
Complain, I used to be kickin’ doorways, sellin’ dro’, tryna run my bands up
Inform ’em get at the flooring then tie that nigga fingers up
Were given the drop out of your complain, now I’m finna select my bands up
The surroundings get iffy, that’s gon’ get you and your mans bust
Pop, now your sister, she were given shot with that AK
Similar shit, other day now, I’m simply posted with DaeDae
Tay gon’ take a travel to Vegas ’purpose I informed him it’s payday
I’m that nigga that be callin’ the entire pictures like I’m Ray-Ray
This ain’t no deuce-deuce, complain, you spot the .974
I’m an actual side road nigga, I’m gon’ stick with the code
I do know a few arduous niggas that went down and so they informed
Preachin’ hella politics, however went down and so they fold
Pretend-ass OG, actual shit, you a complain
Take a travel to 5th Ward simply to cop me a stick
I to find out niggas rattin’, we gon’ bury his youngsters
Why those niggas suppose that secure zone over the bridge?[Outro]
Complain, I’ve been thuggin’ since a youngin
Bear in mind when my mama needed to stuff they dope all up in them pumpkins
Complain, he’s now not a gangster Crip
Nigga attempt to disrespect my rep, then I’ma empty out the clip

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