Dance with the Devil Lyrics Immortal Technique

Dance with the Devil Lyrics Immortal Technique

Description:- ​​​​Dance with the Satan Lyrics Immortal Method are Supplied on this article. This can be a new tune which is sang through well-known Singer Immortal Method. This tune is from Modern Vol. 1 album. This tune will unencumber on 14 September 2001.If you’re looking ​Dance with the Satan Lyrics then you might be at the proper publish. So with out losing time we could leap directly to Dance with the Satan Track Lyrics.Dance with the Satan Lyrics Immortal MethodTrack:– Dance with the SatanSinger:– Immortal MethodAlbum:– Modern Vol. 1Manufacturer:– 44 CaliberWritten:– Diabolic & Immortal MethodLabel:– Self-Launched & Nature Sounds (Report Label)

Dance with the Satan Lyrics Immortal Method

[Verse 1]
I as soon as knew a nigga whose actual identify used to be William
His number one fear used to be makin’ 1,000,000
Bein’ the illest hustler that the arena ever noticed
He used to fuck film stars and sniff coke in his goals
A corrupted younger thoughts on the age of 13
Nigga by no means had a father and his mother used to be a fiend
She put the pipe down, however for annually she used to be sober
Her son’s middle concurrently grew chillier
He began hangin’ out, sellin’ baggage within the initiatives
Checkin’ the younger chicks, lookin’ for hit-and-run potentialities
He used to be occupied with subject material gadgets
However he understood cash by no means purchased appreciate
He constructed a name, ’motive he may just hustle and thieve
However were given locked as soon as and didn’t hesitate to squeal
So criminals he chilled with didn’t assume he used to be actual
You spot, me and niggas like this have by no means been equivalent
I don’t challenge my insecurities on other folks
He fiended for props like addicts with pipes and needles
So he felt he needed to end up to everybody he used to be evil
A feeble-minded younger guy with endless possible
The made of a ghetto-bred capitalistic psychological
Coincidentally dropped out of college to promote weed
Dancin’ with the Satan, smoked till his eyes would bleed
However he used to be unwell of sellin’ bushes and gave in to his greed[Hook]
Everybody tryin’ to be trife by no means face the effects
You most likely simplest did a month for minor offenses
Ask a nigga doin’ lifestyles if he had every other probability
However on the other hand, there’s all the time the depraved that knew prematurely
Dance ceaselessly with the Satan on a chilly cellular block
However that’s what occurs while you rape, homicide, and promote rock
Devils was God’s angels that fell from the highest
There’s no variety as a result of we’re burnin’ within the melting pot[Verse 2]
So Billy began robbin’ niggas, anything else he may just do
To get his appreciate again within the eyes of his group
Startin’ fights over little shit up at the block
Stepped as much as sellin’ moms and brothers the crack rock
Workin’ extra time for makin’ cash for the crack spot
Hit the jackpot, and sought after to transport as much as cocaine
Fulfillin’ the Scarface fable caught in his mind
Bored with the block niggas treatin’ him the similar
He sought after to be primary just like the lower throats and the thugs
But if he attempted to step to ’em, niggas confirmed him no love
They instructed him any motherfuckin’ coward can promote medicine
Any whinge nigga with a gun can bust slugs
Any nigga with a purple blouse can entrance like a Blood
Even Puffy smoked a motherfucker up within the membership
However just a actual thug can stab anyone ’til they die
Standin’ in entrance of them, starin’ directly into their eyes
Billy learned that those males had been well-guarded
They usually sought after to check him ahead of industry began
Instructed rapin’ a whinge to end up he used to be cold-hearted
So now he had a decision between goin’ again to his lifestyles
Or makin’ cash with made males up within the cyph’
His goals about vehicles and ice made him agree
A hardcore nigga is all he ever sought after to be
And so he met them Friday night time at 1 / 4 to 3
Everybody tryin’ to be trife by no means face the effects
You most likely simplest did a month for minor offenses
Ask a nigga doin’ lifestyles if he had every other probability
However on the other hand, there’s all the time the depraved that knew prematurely
Dance ceaselessly with the Satan on a chilly cellular block
However that’s what occurs while you rape, homicide, and promote rock
Devils was God’s angels that fell from the highest
There’s no variety as a result of we’re burnin’ within the melting pot[Verse 3]
They drove across the initiatives sluggish whilst it used to be rainin’
Smokin’ blunts, drinkin’ and jokin’ for leisure
Till they noticed a girl in the street, walkin’ on my own
3 within the mornin’, comin’ again from paintings, on her means house
They usually quietly were given out the auto and adopted her
Walkin’ during the initiatives, the darkness swallowed her
They wrapped her blouse round her head
And knocked her onto the ground
“That is it, child, now you were given your probability to be uncooked”
So Billy yoked her up and grabbed the chick through the hair
And dragged her right into a foyer that had no one there
She struggled exhausting, however they pressured her to move up the steps
They were given to the roof after which held her down at the flooring
Screamin’, “Close the fuck up, and prevent movin’ round!”
The blouse coated her face, however she screamed and clawed
So Billy stomped at the whinge till he’d damaged her jaw
The grimy bastards knew precisely what they had been doin’
They kicked her till they cracked her ribs and he or she stopped movin’
Blood leakin’ during the fabric, she cried silently
After which all of them proceeded to rape her violently
Billy used to be made to move first, however each and every of them took a flip
Rippin’ her up and chokin’ her till her throat burned
Her damaged jaw mumbled for God, however they weren’t involved
After they had been achieved and he or she used to be lyin’
Bloody, damaged and bruised
One among them niggas pulled out a brand spanking new .22
They instructed him that she used to be a witness of what she’d long past thru
And if he killed her, he used to be assured a place within the group
He thought of it for a minute, she used to be nearly useless
And so he leaned over and put the gun proper to her head
I’m fallin’ and I will’t flip again
I’m fallin’ and I will’t flip again[Verse 4]
Proper ahead of he pulled the cause and ended her lifestyles
He concept concerning the cocaine with the platinum and ice
And he felt sturdy standin’ in conjunction with his new brothers
Cocked the gat to her head and pulled again the blouse duvet
However what he noticed made him begin to draw back and stutter
‘Reason he used to be starin’ into the eyes of his personal mom
She appeared again at him and cried ’motive he had forsaken her
She cried extra painfully than after they had been rapin’ her
His entire global stopped, he couldn’t even ponder
His corruption had effectively modified his destiny
And he remembered how his mother used to come back house overdue
Workin’ exhausting for nothin’, as a result of now what used to be he value?
He grew to become clear of the girl that had as soon as given him beginning
And cryin’ out to the sky, ’motive he used to be lonely and scared
However simplest the Satan spoke back, ’motive God wasn’t there
And proper then he knew what it used to be to be empty and bloodless
And so he jumped off the roof and died and not using a soul
They are saying loss of life takes you to a greater position, however I doubt it
After that, they killed his mom, and not spoke about it
And concentrate, ’motive the tale that I’m tellin’ is correct
‘Reason I used to be there with Billy Jacobs, and I raped his mother too
And now the Satan follows me far and wide that I am going
If truth be told, I’m certain he’s standin’ amongst one in every of you at my displays
And each boulevard cypher, listenin’ to little thugs glide
He might be standin’ proper subsequent to you, and also you wouldn’t know
The Satan grows throughout the hearts of the egocentric and depraved
White, brown, yellow and black — colour isn’t limited
You’ve got a self-destructive future while you’re inflicted
And also you’ll be one in every of God’s kids that fell from the highest
There’s no variety as a result of we’re burnin’ within the melting pot
So when the Satan needs to bop with you, you higher say by no means
As a result of a dance with the Satan may final you ceaselessly[Part TII “I”][Intro: Immortal Technique]
Oh, y’all motherfuckers concept it used to be over, huh?
Neatly, it’s no longer, you didn’t depend on a fallen angel gettin’ again
Into the grace of God and comin’ after you
Y’all niggas ain’t shit, your manufacturers ain’t shit
Your fuckin’ A & R ain’t shit
I’ll fuckin’ wipe my ass along with your demo deal
Yo, Diabolic, take this motherfucker’s head off![Verse 1: Diabolic]
Pass ‘head and grip Glocks
I’ll snap your cause finger in six spots
You’ll must lip lock with hypodermic needles to lick pictures
I’ll watch you topple flat
Put away your rings and holla again
Can’t freestyle; you’re screwed off the highest, like bottle caps
Underneath the outside
I’m overheatin’ your receiving circuits
Through unleashin’ deeper verses than monks talk in church buildings
What you hold forth is nugatory
Your worship defeat the aim
Like President Bush takin’ bullets for the name of the game carrier
Past what y’all fathom, I shit on cats and jaw faucet ’em
Display no compassion, like havin’ a straight-faced orgasm
Excursion jack ’em, have his half-a-10 whinge suck my buddy’s dick
Within the intervening time, you’ll be able to french kiss this clenched fist
Diabolic: a one-man brigade spreadin’ most cancers plague
Fist-fuckin’ a pussy’s face, holdin’ a hand grenade
So if I catch you bluffin’, faggot, you’re not up to nothin’
I simply needed to get that pressure off my chest like breast relief[Verse 2: Immortal Technique]
You motherfuckers are nothin’, you can not hurt me
I’ll resurrect each aborted child and get started a military
Hurricane the planet, huntin’ you down, ’motive I’m on a venture
To separate your frame into one thousand million one-celled organisms
Immortal Method’ll ruin your faith, you silly whinge
You’re faker than blue-eyed crackers nailed to a crucifix
I’m ’bout to explode, like NASA Challenger laptop chips
Arsenic language transmitted revolutionarily
I’m like time itself: I’m gonna kill you inevitably
Chemically bomb you, fuck usin’ a chrome piece
I’m Illmatic, you gained’t make it house, like Jerome’s niece
I’ll sever your head diagonally for thinkin’ of dissin’ me
After which use your useless frame to put in writing my identify in calligraphy
This puppet democracy brain-washed your psychology
So that you’re nothin’, like variety with out equality
And your group is filled with extra faggots than Greek mythology
Usin’ numerology to depend the folk I despatched to Heaven
Produces extra digits than 22 divided through seven
You’re like Kevin Spacey: your taste is typically suspect
You by no means killed a cop, you, no longer a motherfuckin’ thug but
Your thoughts is empty and spacious
Just like the a part of the mind that appreciates tradition in a racist
Face it, you’re too fundamental, you’re by no means gonna make it
Like kids walkin’ thru Antarctica, butt-naked

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