GTA Lyrics Meek Mill ft. 42 Dugg | QUARANTINE PACK

GTA Lyrics Meek Mill ft. 42 Dugg | QUARANTINE PACK

Description:- ​​​​GTA Lyrics Meek Mill toes. 42 Dugg are Equipped on this article. It is a new tune which is sang through well-known Singer Meek Mill. This tune is from QUARANTINE PACK album. This Music will unlock on 20 November 2020.In case you are looking ​GTA Lyrics then you’re at the proper publish. So with out losing time shall we bounce directly to GTA Music lyrics.GTA Lyrics Meek MillMusic:– GTASinger:– Meek MillThat includes:– 42 DuggAlbum:– QUARANTINE PACKManufacturer:– Xander (US) & PapamitrouWritten:– Papamitrou, Xander (US), Meek Mill & 42 Dugg

GTA Lyrics Meek Mill toes. 42 Dugg

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Positive shit I don’t even say
Positive shit ain’t no want to say
Yeah, large chasers, large chasers
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, woo[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Hood nigga, choppa to the jet, shit like GTA
Fly them hoes out, ship a caddy, what’s the ETA?
Fuckin’ in this oiled lightskin complain, appear to be Lisa Ray
Niggas say it’s up with me, it’s caught with me, shit, both method
Gazing all you weirdos at the ‘Gram, it ain’t no want to say
Who the realest on this shit? I took a stance to paved the way
I don’t need no smoke with you, I see you, you ‘gon plead your case
‘Reason my nigga ‘gon pass at you, and I’m ‘gon inform him, “Blead the brakes”
Yeah, logo new F&N, it ain’t no chеckin’ in
I instructed the promoter, “We will be able to’t convey thеm drums, then we ain’t steppin’ in”
No rollin’ over, we were given legal professional cash, don’t do no questionin’
Magnolia soldier, we gon’ make it clap, shooters like Stephen and we Warriors
Comin’ down Collins, ’bout to fuck Tale up
Get up in Cali, unhealthy complain, Waldorf Astoria
Fly her to Bali, she ain’t tripping, she at the excursion with us
Poppin’ that pussy, actin’ other, she doin’ extra for us
Large racks, we were given that complain tweakin’, yeah
Spin again, we ’bout to get even, yeah
Niggas stated it ain’t no smoke with me, you higher depart it there
‘Reason if I see y’all niggas be poppin’ out, I put it even there
Yeah, for actual
Ooh, I became shorty up
Sipping on that 1942, I were given my .40 tucked
Oh, you were given your 42, nigga, I were given 40 of ’em
I rock Carties, you’ll’t see my eyes ’purpose I be pouring up
RIP my younger boy, that’s Osama, hit my shawty up
Instructed me by no means accept as true with a stripper complain ’purpose that’s what stuck him up
Each and every time you catch me in some shit, it stuck like 4 and up
Stuck your homie lackin’ on the mild, so shit, we tore it up
Feds got here and grabbed you ’bout them bricks
That’s when he introduced me up
Feds got here and grabbed him ’bout them bricks
That’s when he introduced me up, ayePrimis Participant Placeholder[Verse 2: 42 Dugg]
I been using with choppas, aces, I’m happy you introduced him up
RIP my uncle, unfastened my youngin, complain we Audi’ed up
I heard you fucked round, I’m fuckin’ now, I love to move shit
I had sixty outta sixty-two, I’m speaking unhealthy bitches
I communicate money shit, I love to crash shit, I’m vibin’ on rapid whips
I would possibly pass Lamb truck, I’m blowing it out if I am getting jammed up
Them niggas ran, what? Threw his shit again if he ran up
Meek requested cuz, I make it bounce then get it long past, nigga ask Bud
I were given his complain making a song my songs and he or she half-Blood
I’m half-rapper, complete trapper, I were given unhealthy success
Become Mamba when it’s drama, I don’t move a lot
I publish dawg and get cutty, I’ma shack somethin’
And each and every time we double again, my niggas whack somethin’
I ain’t been promoting an excessive amount of crack, complain I were given racks comin’
Inform my complain I really like her
And if you happen to catch her dishonest, nigga, inform that complain it’s fuck her[Outro: 42 Dugg]
Boy and her are consuming, nigga I will’t wait to up it
Whinge ass niggas
Unfastened them boys

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