The 7 Parkour Story of the Decade: Teams Becoming Brands

The 7 Parkour Story of the Decade: Teams Becoming Brands

The #7 Parkour tale of the last decade is concerning the transition from oldschool to new college; from passion to career; from neighborhood to trade. It’s summed up within the transition all of us witnessed that teams of Traceurs took to move from being Parkour groups to being Parkour manufacturers.

Since nearly the start of Parkour historical past, Parkour has been executed in teams which continuously took on names and have been regarded as groups. Early on it used to be the primary Parkour workforce named Yamakasi, headed by way of David Belle. As soon as that team break up, the workforce “L. a. Releve” used to be shaped, then later Belle led a gaggle referred to as “Les Traceurs” from the place now the phrase “Traceur” comes from to outline a practitioner of Parkour.

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A video of one of the vital first Parkour groups “L. a. Releve.”

As time stepped forward, the scope of Parkour groups grew in notoriety and talent, and with the emergence of social media those groups rapidly had platforms to turn their paintings. Via this procedure, a couple of groups rose to prominence. Then within the 2010’s a couple of groups discovered a approach to make the leap to the following degree.

Within the 2010’s groups have been ready to transition from teams of pals coaching in combination to teams of pals working a name-brand industry in combination. For many it began by way of banding in combination to pursue industrial paintings & efficiency gigs. Via ambition, creativity, and imaginative and prescient it grew from there to creating call clothes model, sneakers, and gymnasiums. It some ways it used to be probably the most essential using forces within the Parkour trade within the 2010s as it modified the Parkour neighborhood at a grassroots degree and opened the paradigm from a game of purity to 1 that used to be OK to make a dwelling in.

Taking a look again at the previous 10 years there are 5 PKFR groups that stand out to me maximum prominently for making this transition from workforce to model. All 5 of those groups have been extremely inspiring and influential to masses of 1000’s if no longer, actually, hundreds of thousands of folks all over the world, and all of those groups deserve a spot in Parkour historical past as serving to usher within the trade from neighborhood to trade,

Notice: I don’t really feel I do know sufficient concerning the intricacies of those groups and their histories to do them complete justice in a brief paragraph. If any person from any of the groups want to publish a brand new draft, I’d like to replace the object by way of swapping it in. You’ll be able to touch me by the use of the touch web page right here.

3Run. 3Run used to be a pioneer within the PKFR international prior to the general public even knew what Parkour used to be. Even though Chase Armitage, Sam Parham and others may give higher testomony to their tale, even a small glimpse into their affect is sufficient to provide the proper influence.

Put it this manner – 3Run used to be so influential within the early a part of the PKFR scene that the phrase “3Run” turned into a commonplace time period used to imply Parkour & Freerunning! And turning into a “3Run Ambassador” (an associate / sponsorship of types) used to be a function of main Parkour execs all over the world.

The 3Run Academy in Basingtoke, England.

3Run gathered one of the vital greatest social media followings of any workforce within the PKFR international; they were given into tournament efficiency and consulting; they opened a fitness center; they usually introduced one of the vital first PKFR sneakers ever designed by way of a PKFR workforce. They really helped blaze the trail by way of pioneering nearly each and every cornerstone-element of the now-emerged PKFR trade, they usually did it prior to any person else.

3Run hassince most commonly left the clothes area (click on right here to view their tools web page), they usually don’t have the similar social power that they used to, however their academy and different endeavors cause them to nonetheless related. Anyplace the emblem is going at some point, there’s surely that they earned their position in Parkour historical past for pioneering the transition from workforce to model.

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Hurricane Freerun. Hurricane Freerun exploded onto the scene in 2010 when one of the vital international’s maximum outstanding Traceurs on the time (Tim Shieff) based the workforce in England. When “Hurricane Freerun – Quantity 1” introduced in March 2010, the video went viral, and the workforce hasn’t ever since ceased to be extremely revered, admired, and adopted.

“Hurricane Freeun – Quantity 1” has gathered greater than 6.4 million perspectives on the time of the publishing of this text.

The workforce at first consisted of five individuals together with Tim “Livewire” Shieff, Paul “Blue” Joseph, Ashley “Spyder” Holland, Jan Barcikowski, and Franck “Cali” Nelle. With the workforce later being joined by way of Phil Doyle and Kie WIllis, the workforce used to be as regards to as gifted as any Parkour workforce ever assembled. The workforce had resonance, they usually turned into so in style that even widely recognized Traceurs who weren’t affiliated with the emblem would continuously place their fingers on the finish of traces to imitate the emblem design. At the moment Hurricane Freerun has one of the vital biggest followings within the PKFR international together with 207,000 fans on Instagram and 261,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The unique 5-member Hurricane Freerun workforce.

The workforce made their leap to model standing lovely quickly after their release. Through 2011 they have been already making hoodies, tees, beanies and extra, and their on-line retailer continues to be going robust as they now have arguably the widest vary of clothes merchandise within the PKFR scene (they even make denim and ponchos).

Hurricane Freerun stays in style lately as a result of their media has one of the very best manufacturing price of any workforce within the PKFR international, and the workforce has added one of the international’s Most worthy execs to their lineup together with Joseph Hendo, Tim Champion, Lynn Jung, Ed Scott, and others. The logo is in excellent arms. Be expecting good things to come back from Hurricane within the 2020s.


Group Farang. The one manner any person in the world doesn’t know who Group Farang is, is that if they don’t do Parkour or Freerunning. In what’s now noticed as arguably probably the most tough team of founding PKFR athletes to ever get started a Parkour workforce, Group Farang exploded onto the scene in 2011 after they introduced their first YouTube video titled “The Town.”

“The Town” video used to be filmed in Bangkok, Thailand the place Farang used to be based.

This primary video featured 8 Traceurs, however the workforce would quickly crystalize to 4 core individuals – Jason Paul, Pasha Petkuns, Shaun Wooden, and Anan Anwar. Within the future years Farang would generate a fandom that in all probability to nowadays is handiest rivaled by way of one different workforce. And brand-wise? They introduced an unique Farang t-shirt that has since grown into a novel taste of clothes in contrast to every other within the Parkour international.

In 2018 they made another leap that only some groups have been ready to make within the 2010’s – they introduced a Parkour & Freerunning shoe which they dubbed the Farang ELEVATE.

From day 1 the Farang engagement and following has been neatly deserved in keeping with their international elegance photograph and video content material, humor, and a novel taste. Their now 6 member has the most important mixed particular person Instagram followings of any PKFR workforce on the planet, and I be expecting they’ll stay making waves within the future years.

The unique Farang 4 in Bangkok. Picture by way of Ediphotoeye.

Group Tempest. Group Tempest (sometimes called Tempest Freerunning) began within the mid-2000s as an L.A. (USA) based totally stunt workforce. Based by way of Paul Darnell, the 4 unique athletes of Tempest (Paul, Victor Lopez, Wealthy King, and Gabe Nunez) pursued stunt paintings till their good fortune led them to enlarge and convey on different athletes.

The workforce discovered robust good fortune in industrial paintings and clothes, after which in 2011 they took issues to a degree that no workforce had made prior to – they introduced a Freerunning academy. Their release video went super-viral and performed everywhere in the international. I heard it used to be even performed at the jumbo display of an LA Dodgers baseball (generic term) or one thing. As of lately it has racked up 7.8 million perspectives.

To nowadays, each and every time I pay attention this tune I bring to mind this video.

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Quickly after the release of the fitness center, Tesmpest hosted the primary ever “Tempest Professional Takeover,” tournament the place they introduced in actually the most efficient PKFR execs round all over the world (it used to be the development of the yr, surely), and shortly after that they introduced their first Parkour & Freerunning shoe.

Tempest is now one of the vital greatest industrial forces within the Parkour international boasting 4 gyms in the United States (and admittedly they may well be the 4 maximum superb gyms within the nation). The sky is just about the restrict for Tempest shifting forward. There are some lacking main points that I don’t know together with the founder, Paul Darnell, leaving the corporate. I’m hoping in the future Paul will make a documentary at the historical past of Tempest, for the reason that workforce is likely one of the maximum ancient good fortune tales in PKFR historical past.


Storror. Storror is a Storror does. Introduced on 10 / 10 / 10 (October 10, 2010) Storror used to be kind of a rag tag team of Traceurs… till they weren’t. Based with 7 individuals that, according to my wisdom, are nonetheless the one ones that make up the workforce, it’s been thru hobby, imaginative and prescient, depth, and a shockingly skill to inform tales that they’ve, for my part, transcended the Parkour sport greater than every other.

With greater than 5,490,000 subscribers on YouTube and 779,000 fans on Instagram Storror has actually hundreds of thousands of non-Traceurs all over the world that regularly watch their movies. They have got been part of giant promoting campaigns, they did stunt paintings for the most recent Michael Bay movie “6 Underground”, and within the step that solidified their transfer to model standing they introduced their very own Parkour shoe in 2017. Did I point out their motion pictures “Supertramps” and “Roofculture”? The accolades of Storror are so in depth that I’m certain I’m lacking some giant ones.

For some time that they had extra subscribers on YouTube than ESPN. Let that one sink in.

From advertising and marketing, to clothes, to motion pictures, to sneakers, to a global following numbering within the hundreds of thousands, to Hollywood, I feel there is a controversy that Storror has executed greater than every other workforce to convey Parkour into the hearts and minds of folks all over the world.


Honorable mentions

Two groups price citing on this combine that I felt fell proper outdoor the highest 5 are GUP from Spain and Jiyo from Denmark.

Heading into the 2010s, GUP may had been probably the most well-known Parkour workforce within the Parkour international. The workforce nonetheless exists, they usually made the emblem transition within the 2010s with a actually cool line of the clothes. On the other hand, they have got but to succeed in the economic good fortune and rabid power that those different groups have.

Jiyo is a workforce that began lengthy prior to 2010, and they’re nonetheless going robust with a super clothes line up and TWO other PKFR sneakers. They even opened a Parkour park! For those who don’t know of them, you gotta test them out. A controversy will also be made that they’re one of the vital most sensible 5 team-to-brand-transitions of the last decade.

GUP – Galizian City Undertaking.

There’s surely that we’re simply seeing the start of Parkour groups transitioning to manufacturers. Even though more than one Parkour manufacturers had been introduced as manufacturers from the get-go, it used to be the team-to-brand transition that actually epitomized the evolution of the Parkour scene within the 2010s. It’ll be thrilling to look the place it is going within the 2020s.

What used to be your favourite Parkour workforce of the 2010’s? Depart a remark under and tell us!

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