Politics Lyrics YBN Nahmir ft. G Herbo

Politics Lyrics YBN Nahmir ft. G Herbo

Description:- Politics Lyrics YBN Nahmir feet. G Herbo are Supplied on this article. It is a new track which is sang through well-known Singer ​YBN Nahmir. This track is from VISIONLAND album. This Tune will free up on 26 March 2021.If you’re looking out Politics Lyrics then you’re at the proper submit. So with out losing time we could soar directly to Politics Tune lyrics.Tune:– PoliticsSinger:– YBN NahmirThat includes:– G HerboAlbum:– VISIONLANDManufacturer:– GNP BeatsWritten:– Aaron Christian, GNP Beats, G Herbo, DaBoii & YBN Nahmir

Politics Lyrics YBN Nahmir feet. G Herbo

[Intro: YBN Nahmir]
Gang (Gang, gang, gang, gang)
Guy what the fuck? Niggas already know what the fuck goin’ on, guy. I ain’t without any of that web speaking, guy
Niggas know the place the fuck I keep at
If it used to be up with niggas, niggas would’ve been blew that whinge down
Niggas is pussy, on my momma nigga
Be for actual, go away the web gangster[Verse 1: YBN Nahmir]
Once I noticed him up in site visitors, stuck him and he ran (Whinge)
Niggas in point of fact don’t need smoke, they speaking for the ‘Gram (Brrra)
Tryna get they clout up, they point out me like lovers (Gang)
‘Til we hop out with them blowers, blow ’em like a fan (Baow, baow, baow)
Niggas communicate that scorching shit once I’m out of the city (Once I’m out of the city)
But if I contact backpedal, none those niggas ’spherical (Gang, gang)
I be speaking money shit, I were given a bag now (Whinge)
But when a nigga assume I’m pussy, I’ma lay ’em down (Brrra)
I’m in LA fucking these kind of hoes, I’m dizzy (I’m dizzy)
I’m up now, they doin’ what I say like a sensei (Like a)
My shit hit like a nigga hit a checkmate (Ha)
And bitches know me, I’m nonetheless bouncing out with them Large Okay’s (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
Once I’m on the town, I’m at the East, and I ain’t ducking shit (Ducking shit)
Niggas speaking, we those that be sparking sticks (Whinge)
Niggas make that lil’ diss however ain’t sparking shit (Gang, gang)
Boy you pussy, yeah we all know you keep in Hoover, whinge (Brrra, brrra)
Brodie informed ’em drop a pin, the place them niggas keep? (Niggas keep)
I’m at the educate with quantity 5, he hit you within the face (You niggas, ha)
Pretend beefin’, neatly you wish to have to position that mop up (Put that mop up)
Boy them shooters come round and in point of fact mop ya (Grrra, grrra, grrra)
Nigga on yo’ lifeless homie, I ain’t ran from shit (Ran from shit)
If a nigga say I did, he a lyin’ whinge (Whinge)
Beat them bitches up, you niggas wasn’t preventing shit (Silly whinge)
If I used to be there, I might’ve let off that entire clip (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
Wave hoppin’, neatly, y’all wish to journey any other wave (‘Nother wave)
And y’all used to be all on my dick with “Rubbin’ off the Paint” (Nigga unwell)
That shit dropped and a nigga hit 100 Okay (Whinge)
That’s why they mad, ’reason they wanna be up in my position (In my position, nigga)
However no you’ll be able to’t, and I’m the one who’s fucking bitches now (Fucking bitches now)
All that recordin’, yeah, you niggas secure snitchin’ now (You niggas homosexual)
Stay on speaking with that .40, I wager he finna drown (Brrra)
Benz used to be speaking till they popped his ass in In-N-Out (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
I say I’m excellent within the ‘Ham, let a nigga play (Let him play)
So you’ll be able to catch me over Huffman, over Dual Gates (Huh)
It’s RIP Cam and for Quay I rely giant face (Out my face)
Those niggas nonetheless speaking without a bullets in them AK’s (Gang, gang, gang)
Niggas speaking ’til they see that black Nissan (Whinge)
I ain’t by no means noticed those bitches or those peons (Hell nah)
I broke that lil’ whinge exhausting, I will be able to’t stay mines (Silly whinge)
I will be able to’t move to Florida, sike, nigga I’ll be superb (Gang, gang, gang)
I’m goin’ to Houston, know a nigga were given the mob ties (Whinge)
Those niggas in point of fact best exhausting on IG Are living (Huh)
I’m locked in, on this hell, in case you contact me, nigga (In case you contact me nigga)
Those niggas best act exhausting once they niggas wit’ ’em (Those niggas bizarre)
Shoutout Day Day, shoutout Bam, them my niggas, nigga (Them my niggas)
Any nigga contact Jay, I’m in point of fact tripping nigga (Brrra)
Contact Glizzy lil’ whinge, then I’m on yo’ ass (Off rip)
And rancid rip, I go away you in that frame bag[Verse 2: G Herbo]
You assume simply ’reason we up them M’s we ain’t shootin’ niggas (What)
Ok we on that, once we see him then, silly nigga (Silly ass nigga)
All my niggas earned them stripes, now we too respectable (For actual)
That’s yo’ homie, he gon’ die too, what he doin’ with you?
Smokin’ dody, thinkin’ ’bout my brodie, nigga know I leave out him
Bro paroled him, you get smoked for Kobe, yeah, who need a factor?
Used to get up early mornings and we on a venture (On a venture)
Sittin’ in yo’ whip, hole move during and hit him (Baow)
Lil’ bro do successful him (Hit him), you should assume we kiddin’ (Kiddin’)
Homie ain’t no killer (Huh), that shit don’t even are compatible him
And I’m rockin’ fitted, Mike Amiri denim (Mike Amiri denim)
This whinge crammed up in ’em, purchase down unbiased (Purchase down unbiased)
Whinge I’m comin’ wit’ it, purchase down unbiased (Ayy, ayy)
Two-hundred, all twenties (1920s), three-hundred, all fifties (All fifties)
I were given a secure area (Protected area), loads all in it (All in it)
And I were given a playhouse (Playhouse), pull up all bitches (All bitches)
We those yelled that gang shit, now y’all all wit’ it (All wit’ it)
You wasn’t the one one on that bang shit, nigga, all of us did it
Ain’t gon’ are aware of it, once we inform him exchange you, we were given a language (We were given a language)
Take No Restrict out your title, whinge, you gotta exchange it (You gotta exchange it)
Suppose you already know the sport, whinge I’m finna extraordinary it (Finna extraordinary it)
Put on that hat incorrect at the 9, pussy rearrange it (Rearrange it)
Such a lot energy in that .45, I simply name it Vary Rover
Desire a hour or like forty-five, changin’, nothin’ primary, nigga (Desire a hour)[Verse 3: DaBoii]
Now gon’ and inform me somethin’
Whilst you listen them engines down the road, whinge you’ll be able to inform we comin’
Once I’m in that pussy, say she really feel it in her bellybutton
Through the way in which that we way the scene, whinge you’ll be able to inform we cluthin’
You, wouldn’t, know the part my dawg
I stay poppin’ Perkys again to again, those ain’t no Adderalls
Yeah I heard yo’ favourite rapper tank, that shit ain’t slap in any respect
Loose the brand new ones out of doors, I’m comin’ again for y’all
I wager all that cash on your shoebox, you’ll be able to’t fuck with me
Talkin’ to myself such as you my nigga, I stay me corporate
I ain’t even been within the membership for no longer a minute, bitches humpin’ me
Oh you declare you you right down to journey, whinge grasp this gun for me
I ain’t by no means runnin’ from no smoke, whinge I be out an excessive amount of
If my nigga title on black and white, then I will be able to’t again him up
I executed gave them boys sufficient of time, they wasn’t rapid sufficient
Whinge come over right here and make it leap, I really like that ratchet stuff
Whinge come over right here and make it shake, I really like that ratchet shit
If we catch them niggas up in site visitors, allow them to ratchets spit
Pussy boy idea he used to be first in line, you at the back of it
Or not it’s the niggas talkin’ ’bout they up, don’t were given a rack to spend
Awoke mad as fuck, simply popped a tablet, I feel I’m glad now
Talkin’ ’bout that shit up at the ground, then carry the rackets out
‘Member I used to be broke as each shaggy dog story, ain’t not more laughin’ now
Ganglato within the blunt, shit hittin’ tougher, this shit Pacquiao
Postin’ politics up at the ‘internet, how is you niggas boulevard?
Each and every different day I query God, like why my nigga go away?
A nigga contact my chain, it’s goin’ down similar to a Nitti beat
Why you wastin’ dust up at the ground? That’s for my nigga Sheed
Smokin’ fuel and pourin’ out Hennessy, that’s for my nigga too
Valet nigga attempted to park the whip, I informed that nigga “Transfer”
Ridin’ wit’ the chopper within the entrance, this whinge as giant as you
And the entire actual niggas ain’t lifeless, whinge I’m the livin’ evidence, b—

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