The Genius 2021 Year In Lyrics (So Far): Top Songs

The Genius 2021 Year In Lyrics (So Far): Top Songs

After a rocky 2020 that noticed the song business upended by way of the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary part of 2021 has begun to offer song fanatics (a minimum of in some international locations) with a renewed sense of normalcy. Live performance halls are as soon as once more filling up as artists plot long-delayed excursions and roll out albums that have been shelved, reimagined, and even conceived fully all over pandemic lockdowns. Genius has been there all alongside learn how to file the song that’s helped fanatics via an remarkable time in historical past.

To recap the primary six months of the 12 months, Genius crunched the numbers to determine which songs, artists, albums, and lyrics fanatics had been clamoring to take a look at. We measured the knowledge from Dec. 15, 2020 to June 15, 2021 and wrapped all of it up within the 2021 12 months in Lyrics (So Some distance). These days, we’re revealing the highest 20 songs of the primary part of the 12 months:

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2021 used to be Olivia Rodrigo’s breakout 12 months, and after all, no artist may just get up to the radio, streaming, and social media juggernaut that used to be “drivers license.” The track earned over 3 million pageviews on Genius within the first six months of the 12 months, spent a couple of weeks atop the Billboard Sizzling 100 chart, and earned just about a thousand million streams on Spotify by myself. It even boosted Sabrina Wood worker’s reaction monitor, “Pores and skin,” to a No. 14 place at the chart. After all, it used to be definitively the most important track of 2021 up to now.

It additionally wasn’t Rodrigo’s most effective hit. Her follow-up singles “deja vu” and “just right 4 u” additionally landed within the Best 10 for the 12 months, every incomes over 1.8 million pageviews. The mixed power of the ones songs—plus the remainder of her debut album, SOUR—used to be just right sufficient to make her the most important artist of 2021 up to now on Genius, too.

The race for 2nd position used to be a lot nearer, with Bronx rapper Cardi B simply slightly edging out Ok-pop sensations BTS for the No. 2 slot. “Up” earned 2.6 million pageviews on Genius up to now this 12 months, lower than 100,000 greater than the two.57 million “Butter” earned. BTS have been joined by way of k-pop big name ROSÉ of BLACKPINK, whose solo hit “Long past” proved widespread sufficient to land at No. 10.

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Fueled by way of fashionable reputation earned via groundbreaking depiction of queer id in addition to an accompanying conservative backlash, Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Name Me Via Your Title)” landed solidly at No. 4 with just about 1.9 million pageviews.

TikTok helped gasoline the recognition of a number of tracks, together with a resurgent “Poker Face” by way of Woman Gaga (No. 7), hyper pop phenomenon “SugarCrash!” by way of ElyOtto (No. 13), and platform big name Bella Poarch’s debut unmarried “Construct A B-tch” (No. 18). In 2021, we noticed increasingly more overlap between what songs are widespread on TikTok and what songs dominated the charts, with Rodrigo, BTS, and Lil Nas X all incomes primary boosts during the platform, too.

The ones songs hit the charts along hits from the likes of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Silk Sonic, SZA, Unhealthy Bunny, and Polo G, who all noticed primary luck within the first part of the 12 months.

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When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them By Dina Strada When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Maya Angelou I remember first hearing these words in my early twenties. I heard them. I just didnt follow them. Hence, I brought myself a whole lot of painful lessons and needless suffering because I always wanted to give people a second chance, and a third, and a fourth … You get the picture. I was the girl who always saw the potential in people. The person they could be, with a little love and nurturing from yours truly. I considered myself to be one of the most loving, loyal, and big-hearted people out there. And besides, there were very few things I truly wanted that I went after and didnt get. I suffered many disappointments and even more heartbreaks because of this, both in friendships and romantic relationships. I expected people to change just because I thought they should be or feel a certain way. But at that point in my spiritual journey, I hadnt yet learned that everyone is on their own path, and sometimes their soul just isnt in alignment with yours. When I fell for some guy and had it made up in my mind that he was it, I made a lot of excuses for his behavior, which was never in alignment with what I was looking for. Well-meaning friends would warn me in the beginning: He doesnt sound like a good match for you. His behavior seems a little sketchy. Did I listen? No. My ego was way too big. Sure, I saw the behavior. I even saw the red flags. But I thought I was different. I was so special that I felt I could change that person… just by being wonderful, amazing me. NOTE TO SELF: When people show you who they are, believe them the first time! I married someone after seeing all the red flags in the very beginning. Behavior that didnt add up to what I was being told, behavior in past relationships that was not filled with integrity. But there was so much about him that was good and pure, and the love and passion we had for each other was real and intense. I truly believed that people could change. And they can. But more importantly I believed I was different, and that behavior would never exist again now that he was with me. It should be no surprise that the marriage ended and was the most devastating and painful loss of my life. But that was the moment I started to live by Maya Angelous mantra. The dating world after divorce is a lot of things—exciting, fun, scary, sometimes horrible, but most of all, a test. How much have you learned from your previous relationships? And what are you going to do differently this time around? For me, I learned a lot, but I have blind spots. And comfort zones I fall into. I keep gravitating toward men that feel like home, except that home never made me feel good or secure in it and it was definitely a place I shouldnt consider settling in long term. Some warning signs Ive finally learned to look for and walk away from: Lack of commitment to anything especially in relationships Not a great communicator Not being emotive with feelings History of cheating in past relationships Always looking for the next best thing These are my red flags. Someone elses may be completely different. But they are things I know just wont work for me and will eventually lead to heartbreak. What I tell friends when I see them falling into the same trap I often do is to ask themselves some key questions and to be rigorously honest: Is this person someone who embodies all the things that are important to you, or are you convincing yourself that you can change them? You can never change someone. Walk away. Are you attracting the same type of person you always do (the one who never works out for you and always leads to heartbreak)? If so, walk away. Does this person have all of the things that are on your Essentials List? Those are the things that are your must haves and are non-negotiable. For me, those are trustworthy, spiritual, a great communicator, and someone who is affectionate, loving, and expressive with their emotions. If this person doesnt have your essentials, walk away. The best advice I got just this week was from a friend who knows my journey well. He said, You know what. Just recognize that you are finally learning what your heart truly wants and moving closer to that every day. Youre walking away from people who arent in alignment with your core values anymore. So yes, Im learning. And I still have a ways to go. But I trust that the right one, the one who steals my heart for good, will show me how amazing he is for me…. the first time. Quarreling couple image via Shutterstock See more posts About Dina Strada Dina Strada, an Event Planner, writer, and intuitive counselor and coach, is passionate about expanding consciousness and helping others discover and live their lifes purpose.  Shes a graduate of Boston College and Coach U, a corporate and personal coach training program.  To learn more about Dina, visit her website Essential Balance | More Posts See a typo or inaccuracy? Please contact us so we can fix it! Did you enjoy this post? Please share the wisdom :)
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