Salute Lyrics Hit-Boy, Big Sean & Fivio Foreign

Salute Lyrics Hit-Boy, Big Sean & Fivio Foreign

Description:- ​​​​Salute Lyrics Hit-Boy, Large Sean & Fivio Overseas are Equipped on this article. It is a new tune which is sang via well-known Singer Hit-Boy, Large Sean & Fivio Overseas. This Music will unencumber on 18 November 2020.In case you are looking out ​Salute Lyrics then you’re at the proper put up. So with out losing time shall we bounce directly to Salute Music lyrics.Salute Lyrics Hit-BoyMusic:– SaluteSinger:– Hit-Boy, Large Sean & Fivio OverseasManufacturer:– Corbett & Hit-BoyWritten:– Corbett, Large Sean, Fivio Overseas & Hit-BoyLabel:– Snafu Data

Salute Lyrics Hit-Boy, Large Sean & Fivio Overseas

Hit-Boy[Verse 1: Hit-Boy & Fivio Foreign]
Salute whilst you see me (Salute whilst you see me, uh)
That jealousy shit is a ocean and also you both glide otherwise you sinkin’ (Ayy)
Second of fact, credit score test, nigga, you now not authorized (Uh)
B.B. King, I’m in love with the blues (Uh)
Don’t get started me up, I were given completing strikes, glance (Uh)
Uh (Woo!) salute whilst you see me (Salute whilst you see me)
Slid via all of the commotion
It’s breaking information, they gotta air on TV (TV)
Poppin’ out on ’em, I’m politicking
Most probably within the phase the place you’re now not accepted
Nigga, my hunnids matching, my Dodger fitted
Taking part in all pass, ain’t no preventing in me (Bah)
Glance (Yeah) salute whilst you see me (Oh)
I purchased her a CC and I wasn’t first
Disgusting what bitches’ll do for a handbag
Disgusting what niggas’ll do for the clout
I’m one of the most realest, the actual ones can vouch
They concept I used to be accomplished (Uh) however all that shit out
You gotta play my new shit in encompass (Grrr, bah, yeah)
Salute whilst you see me (Salute whilst you see me)
Put within the name to the plug, my runner’ll get to you rapid (Oh)
Nonetheless thuggin’ like the times once they wasn’t hearin’ my CD (Woo)
Made it out of the trenches, my nigga, salute whilst you see me
(Salute whilst you see me, ayy)Primis Participant Placeholder[Verse 2: Big Sean, Fivio Foreign & Big Sean and Hit-Boy]
Yeah, salute whilst you see me (Woah, woah, woah)
I’m gettin’ grasping, I blow the entire price range on me
That’s on me, I’m boastful
Treaty? Nah, that ain’t how we deal with it (Deal with it)
This proper right here sound like a three-peat (3)
I put the top in, it sound like I’m knee-deep
I’m like, “Ah, complain, you too needy” (Too needy)
Me and HB going Juvi’ and B.G
They gotta put my face on a field of Wheaties
I’m prayin’ for whoever suppose that they competin’
Salute whilst you see me (See me)
That’s hardly in order that’s the way you greet me (God)
I’m goin’ TM 101 Jeezy
And plus they were given D2 on repeat (Repeat)
I’m with the affection of my lifestyles for like 3 weeks
‘Reason that’s all I wanted (On God)
She wanna pass on a commute and retreat however I’m sorry
I by no means retreated (Nah)
I set the bar up so top that you may as neatly depart it
I’m goin’ undefeated
I’ve damaged the device, the shit needed to breach it
That’s undertaking inconceivable, undertaking finished, uh[Verse 3: Fivio Foreign, Fivio Foreign & Big Sean]
Uh, yeah, salute whilst you see me on television (Oh yeah)
I were given the center of a God and a genie
I need you to like me, I need you to wish me (Uh)
After I shoot at his face, it’s a Fivi’ (Grrr, baow)
I gotta give again to the hood
I take note when I used to be the needy (Lil’ complain)
Blank me up (Blank me up) squeaky, uh (Squeaky)
She fell in love (She fell in love) deeply (Deeply)
Percocet (Percocet) sleepy, uh (Sleepy)
They prefer what I say, they repeat me (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Uh, yeah, glance (Uh)
All this cash, I’ve been spendin’ on VV’s
(All this cash, I’ve been spendin’ on VV’s)
Huh, that’s why you gotta salute whilst you see me
Lil’ complain (Uh, uh)

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