20 Examples of Metaphors in Popular Songs

1. Taylor Swift – Subtle

Lyrics:3rd ground at the West Aspect, me and also you Good-looking, you’re a mansion with a view

Clarification: On this metaphor, Taylor is expressing her enchantment to a love hobby. Via describing this particular person as “a mansion with a view,” she is expressing that he’s each gorgeous at the in and out. She is drawn to each his character and his just right seems.

2. Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer time

Lyrics: Say you need me from your existence And I’m only a useless guy strolling this night

Clarification: The vocalist isn’t in fact a useless guy strolling. To start with, useless males can’t stroll. And if he have been useless, he wouldn’t have the ability to sing this music! As an alternative, the singer is evaluating his unhappy emotional state to the act of loss of life. An individual with reference to him desires him out in their lives. So the author makes use of this metaphor to explain the unavoidable loss he’s feeling.

3. Bazzi – Mine

Lyrics: Even if it’s wet all you ever do is shine You on hearth, you a celebrity similar to Mariah

Clarification: Right here Bazzi makes use of a metaphor to explain the lady he loves. We all know that this girl isn’t in fact on hearth, or a real megastar. Those metaphors elude to the sensation that this girl is essential and distinguished in Bazzi’s existence.

4. Migos – Stir Fry

Lyrics: Lifestyles is Monopoly pass cop me some land and a few assets

Clarification: This music is full of similes, which as we have in mind, are other than metaphors. However Migos does sneak in a metaphor right here once they consult with the board recreation, Monopoly, as a comparability to existence. Lifestyles isn’t in fact a board recreation (that we all know of!), however with this figurative language, the author expresses their opinion of the significance of assets possession in as of late’s global.

5. Rudimental – Those Days

Lyrics: You have been the sunshine for me to seek out my fact I simply wanna say, thanks

Clarification: On this music, the author is chatting with crucial particular person in his existence. The usage of the time period, “the sunshine” to explain this particular person almost certainly signifies that this particular person helped information the best way and discover a trail to fact for the author.

6. Hozier – Take Me To Church

Lyrics:My lover’s were given humor She’s the snicker at a funeral Is aware of everyone’s disapproval I must’ve worshipped her faster

Clarification: Lots of Hozier’s lyrics use metaphors. On this fashionable music, Take Me To Church, we discover the instance of Hozier describing his lover. As an alternative of the use of a straight-forward line like, “she is humorous,” he opts for the metaphoric model, “she’s the snicker at a funeral.” It is a tough metaphor pointing out that his lover is so stuffed with humor that even in truly unhappy moments, she unearths a technique to lighten the instant.

7. Katy Perry toes. Nicki Minaj – Sleek Sleek

Lyrics: ‘Motive you’re a joker And I’m a courtside killer queen And you’ll kiss the hoop You very best consider

Clarification: Katy Perry loves to make use of metaphors. On this music, she throws in a little bit Eu historical past along with her metaphor. In medieval occasions, the joker (or jester) was once hired via the king and queen to entertain visitors. Kissing the hand of the queen was once a not unusual apply for jokers to turn recognize. In those two traces, Katy Perry is the use of this metaphor to specific a social hierarchy containing herself and some other person. Trace: she’s in fee.

8. Believe Dragons – Believer

Lyrics: Don’t you inform me what you suppose that I will be able to be I’m the only on the sail, I’m the grasp of my sea, oh ooh The grasp of my sea, oh ooh

Clarification: Right here, Believe Dragons makes use of a metaphor to explain the regulate they have got over their very own lives. With the road previous the metaphors states

9. Mark Ronson toes. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Lyrics:Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold This one for them hood women Them just right women, straight masterpieces

Clarification: Bruno Mars is the use of the time period “masterpieces” to explain and evaluate the “just right women.” Traditionally, a “masterpiece” is a work of visible artwork or craft of very prime same old, ceaselessly the best paintings of an artists occupation. Via the use of this metaphor in Uptown Funk, Bruno considers those women to be of very prime visible same old, or aka, bodily sexy.

10. Frank Ocean – Pondering Bout You

Lyrics: a twister flew round my room sooner than you got here excuse the mess it made, it typically doesn’t rain in Southern California

Clarification: Frank Ocean is some other sensible lyricist of the trendy day. Right here, Frank makes use of the metaphor of a room as a illustration of his existence. Via pointing out that “a twister flew round his room,” Frank is announcing that his existence was once loopy, like a twister, sooner than his spouse got here into his existence.

11. Marshmello & Bastille – Happier

Lyrics: When the morning comes After we see what we’ve grow to be Within the chilly gentle of day, we’re a flame within the wind Now not the hearth that we’ve begun

Clarification: This music is ready a romantic dating between two those that has lately long gone downhill. The author makes use of the metaphor of a “flame within the wind” to explain the present state in their deteriorating dating. Within the subsequent line, the author states that their dating was a “hearth” expressing that their dating isn’t the place it was.

12. Juice WRLD – Lucid Goals

Lyrics:You have been made outta plastic, faux I used to be twisted up to your drastic tactics

Clarification: Right here the author is expressing his detrimental opinion of a previous romantic spouse. Via announcing that she was once “made from plastic” almost certainly signifies that she had superficial pursuits and may just now not be depended on.

13. Katy Perry – Firework

Lyrics: Motive child you’re a firework Come on display them what you’re price Cause them to pass oh, oh, oh As you shoot around the sky

Clarification: This hit via Katy Perry is the quintessential instance of metaphor and simile use in trendy fashionable tune. She makes use of metaphors and similes in just about each and every verse of the music. The above instance, within the refrain of the music, states that the topic is a “firework.” Fireworks are recognized for being vivid, tough, and lively. This metaphor ceaselessly serves as motivation for her target market, permitting them to know that they’re tough, vivid, and vital. Different notable metaphors on this music are when she compares existence to a “plastic bag” and mentions a “spark inside you.”

14. David Guetta toes. Sia – Titanium

Lyrics: Hearth away, hearth away You shoot me down however I received’t fall I’m titanium

Clarification: Titanium is a chemical part this is recognized for being low density and really prime power. On this music, the author makes use of the metaphor of “titanium” to explain their emotional power and tool. It doesn’t matter what detrimental phrases or scenarios are thrown her approach, she is robust sufficient (like titanium) to triumph over them.

15. Alicia Keys – Gire On Hearth

Lyrics: Oh, she were given each ft at the flooring And he or she’s burning it down Oh, she were given her head within the clouds And he or she’s now not backing down This woman is on hearth

Clarification: Alicia Keys has famous that this music is ready new beginnings. The topic within the music is grounded and now not backing down. “This woman is on hearth” is a metaphor for freedom and taking complete regulate of are living your individual existence. “You’re on hearth” is a not unusual metaphor we use in on a regular basis English to explain endured luck.

16. Pharrell Williams – Satisfied

Lyrics: I’m a sizzling air balloon that would pass to house With the air, like I don’t care child via the best way

Clarification: In probably the most opening traces of the music, Pharrell makes use of this metaphor to speak about his positivity and emotional elation. Via announcing that he’s “a sizzling air balloon that would pass into house,” he almost certainly signifies that emotionally satisfied that he appears like floating.

17. Michael Buble – The whole thing

Lyrics: You’re a fallen megastar You’re the getaway automotive You’re the road within the sand Once I pass too some distance You’re the swimming pool On an August day And also you’re the very best factor to mention

Clarification: Every other instance of a music stuffed with metaphors. The lyrics above are only a small snippet from this music, however this jam has metaphors laced all the way through each and every verse. On this music, Michael Buble is describing a romantic spouse thru a string of metaphors. He makes use of descriptors reminiscent of a fallen megastar, a getaway automotive, a line within the sand, and a swimming pool all to specific his emotions about his spouse.

18. Benny Benassi toes. Gary Cross – Cinema

Lyrics: I may just watch you for an entire life You’re my favourite film 1000 endings You imply the whole thing to me

You’re a cinema I may just watch you without end Motion mystery I may just watch you without end

Clarification: This fashionable music could also be a few love hobby. The author makes use of the metaphor of “a film” to explain his emotions for his love hobby. Pointing out that the affection hobby is his “favourite film,” he almost certainly signifies that he may just spend hours and hours with this particular person and not get bored of them.

19. Calvin Harris – Feels

Lyrics: I’m your window consumer, sucker to your love, I’m dressed in your goggles, digital fact

Clarification: Such a lot of metaphors about romantic love pursuits! Pharrell drops some other few traces on this music to explain his emotions for his love hobby. A window consumer is a not unusual time period for an individual taking a look at articles of clothes in a shop with out making any purchases. The metaphor that Pharrell makes use of is almost certainly to explain that he’s infatuated with this love hobby, however he’s at the outdoor, simply looking at at the moment. The following line, he mentions that he’s dressed in digital fact goggles. This line possibly signifies that Pharrell is so deeply engulfed in his love hobby that he’s seeing existence thru her eyes.

20. Mac Miller – Self Care

Lyrics: Down underneath, now I do know that the drugs be on name It’s feeling such as you sizzling sufficient to soften, yeah Can’t accept as true with no person, can’t even accept as true with your self, yeah

Clarification: It’s unlucky that this younger and gifted musician misplaced his existence so early. This music, Self Care, was once one in every of his hottest songs off his remaining album, in a while after he misplaced his existence. This music is obviously about Mac Millers self battle together with his personal non-public emotional problems. The metaphor he makes use of is talking about himself. He refers to “medication” this is on name and within the following line, he makes use of a metaphor to explain the serious and overwhelming feeling of this medication.

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