25 Iconic Rap Lyrics About Weed

25 Iconic Rap Lyrics About Weed

Hip-hop has marijuana to thank for one of the most absolute best songs to ever come from the style. Whether or not the weed if truth be told displays up within the tune or it was once an inspiration within the studio, it’s been the gas at the back of a few of rap’s largest information. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Bone Thugs-N-Team spirit are one of the most most renowned fans to position their love on wax, however even admitted non-smokers like 50 Cent can recognize the efficiency of an impressive weed anthem. Maximum songs about weed are primarily based extra on really feel and manufacturing, however learn underneath for a few of our favourite rhymes concerning the herb.

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg, “The Subsequent Episode”“Whats up-ay-ay-ay/Smoke weed on a daily basis.”Easy, but profound. Nate Dogg’s a cappella sign-off from Dr. Dre’s 2001 banger “The Subsequent Episode” is as iconic as weed lyrics get.

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50 Cent, “Prime All The Time”

“Each time I roll up, n-ggas holla ‘Roll up!’ And I inform ‘em cling up, you ain’t getting cash you ain’t smoking/in my Benzo, 20 inch Lorenzo’s, smoking on indo, prime as a motherfucker”50 Cent admitted that he doesn’t smoke or drink, however this weed anthem continues to be a spotlight from his vintage Shady/Aftermath debut Get Wealthy Or Die Tryin’. And somebody can relate to parents who mooch at the weed with out pitching in.

Bone Thugs-N-Team spirit, “Weed Music”“If everyone smoked a blunt, relieve the thoughts, the sector is usually a higher position/if everyone took a smash and all of us simply were given wasted”Bone Thugs-N-Team spirit had a lot of weed songs throughout their high length throughout the mid-90s, however this gem from their 2000 comeback album BTNHResurrection has rhymes like this eloquent, unifying bar.

Way Guy & Redman, “How Prime”

“Glance up within the sky, it’s a chook, it’s a aircraft/it’s the Funk Physician spot smoking Buddha on a teach/how prime? So prime so I will kiss the sky/how ill, so ill that you’ll be able to suck my dick”Redman and Way Guy are two of essentially the most affable, proficient weed people who smoke in rap. “How Prime” was once their first legit tune collectively, and later become a remix for his or her album Blackout! and a movie starring either one of them.

Pharcyde, “Cross The Pipe”“The one itch I’ve is for the indo or sess/So don’t cross me that mess/and even attempt to protest/that it’s including to the flavour, ‘reason the previous one was once high quality/gained’t you pack the pipe and stay it transferring down the road”After turning down a blunt as it has tobacco in it, he clarifies that the one factor he desires to smoke is natural weed. “If I sought after to smoke tobacco, I’d get a thin white whinge,” he says a couple of traces ahead of.

OutKast, “Crumblin’ Erb”

“Jane is rolled up, no gangs be throwed up/however nonetheless Andre were given motion, they Sweat like Keith, all on my tooth”OutKast’s “Crumblin Erb,” the vintage weed anthem from their debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik is filled with quotables, however Andre’s opening verse completely units up the remainder of the tune for he and Large Boi to wax poetic.

Devin The Dude, “Doobie Ashtray”“What you gonna do when the folks cross house/and also you wanna smoke weed, however the reefer’s all long past/and someone had the nerve to take the herb/up out the doobie ashtray/why they do me that means?”In this somber, DJ Premier-laced vintage from his album Simply Tryin’ ta Are living, Devin The Dude laments when all of his weed — and the leftover roaches — were snatched after he hosted a get-together on the crib. With the exception of creating a frustration anthem for weed people who smoke, Devin additionally makes the tune relatable for somebody who has ever been down on their success.

Types P, “Excellent Occasions”

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“I smoke like a chimney/subject truth I smoke like a gun, when a killer see his enemy/I smoke like Bob Marley did, upload to that that I smoke just like the hippies did, again within the 70s”Realizing one’s historical past is very important, and on Types P’s hit unmarried “Excellent Occasions,” he will pay homage to the mythical weed people who smoke and actions that got here ahead of him. The tune is as very best of a weed anthem as rap has ever noticed.

Snoop Dogg, “Weed Iz Mine”

“I get up early within the morning and it feels so excellent/smoking on some shit that you simply want you might want to/jealousy, envy, please don’t really feel unhealthy/this weed is mine, get your individual bag/a sack stuffed with OG underneath lock and key/none for the homies, that is serious about me”As probably the most iconic weed people who smoke in rap, it’s simple to consider other folks determined to remove darkness from with Snoop Dogg. So it’s gotta be great for the Doggfather to peacefully puff timber on his personal.

Wiz ?Khalifa & Snoop Dogg toes. Bruno Mars, “Younger, Wild and Loose”“Roll joints larger than King Kong’s arms/ And smoke them hoes down till they’re stingers”For a tune this easy, this lyric is a rattling excellent one-liner.

Cypress Hill, “I Wanna Get Prime”“Ahead movement make you sway like the sea/the herb is greater than only a tough potion”No record of weed raps could be whole with out Cypress Hill, and “I Wanna Get Prime” is one in every of their many undying weed songs. Bonus issues for the tune showing in Part Baked, the quintessential stoner flick.

Infamous B.I.G., “Large Poppa”

“Put out of your mind the television tube, we’ll simply cross to the crib/and watch a film within the Jacuzzi, smoke L’s when you do me”One in all Biggie’s first hits was once “Large Poppa,” his laid again, radio-friendly heater produced by way of Simple Mo Bee. Biggie ends his 2nd verse with as very best of a situation as a man may need: enjoyable with gorgeous girl in a Jacuzzi with, after all, high quality weed.

Redman, “How To Roll A Blunt”“Acquire a Phillie/no longer the town of Philly, foolish punk, I’m speaking ‘bout the shit known as the Phillie blunt/lick the blunt after which the Phillie blunt center you break up/don’t have a razor blade, use your fuckin’ fingertips”In this vintage from Whut? Thee Album, Redman offers a step by step information on learn how to roll the very best blunt.

Kanye West toes. Nas and In point of fact Doe, “We Primary”

“I take a success of that continual, it were given me caught/however in point of fact what’s wonderful is how I stay blazing/towel underneath the door, smoke till the day’s finish/puff puff and cross, don’t fuck up rotation/Hpnotiq for Henny, now n-gga that’s a chaser”Kanye West “We Primary” was once a bigger than existence second in rap for a couple of causes — Jay Z’s protege recording a tune along with his rival Nas, and the extravagant manufacturing by way of Jon Brion. However In point of fact Doe’s hook virtually stole the display with its very best, triumphant homage to weed and liquor.

Nas, “It Ain’t Arduous To Inform”“My mic take a look at is existence or demise, respiring a sniper’s breath/I exhale the yellow smoke of Buddha thru righteous steps”Nas starts this Illmatic vintage with rhymes about his abilities at the mic, and by way of cleverly the use of slang for weed whilst alluding to the righteousness of one of the most global’s most famous spiritual figures.

The Fugees, “In a position Or No longer”

“I play my enemies like a sport of chess/the place I leisure/no rigidity, when you don’t smoke sess/lest I confess, my future’s manifest”Lauryn Hill is in large part thought to be as the best girl rapper of all time, and her verse on The Fugees’ vintage “In a position Or No longer” has her bars on complete show.

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ScHoolboy Q, “Palms At the Wheel”“You sat me down, I’m nonetheless looking to get upper/you checked out me silly after I twisted the fireplace/in the meantime my n-gga under the influence of alcohol as fuck, a n-gga fucked up, all of us fucked up/you finished fucked up, I introduced extra blunts/smoke again to up, you n-ggas know what’s up”The hook is the cash on ScHoolboy Q’s DUI anthem with A$AP Rocky “Palms On The Wheel,” however his verses have been simply as stress-free.

Run The Jewels, “Banana Clipper”

“Excellent pussy, excellent marijuana, that be my medication”Killer Mike is crystal transparent on his prescription.

Curren$y, “Razors & Chopsticks”“Put the towel by way of the door, and lower the bathe on/flip this nook suite into a house”In any other educational rhyme, weed professional Curren$y advises learn how to revel in excellent inexperienced in a lodge with out getting stuck up.

The Luniz, “I Were given 5 On It”

“I were given 5 on it, let’s cross part on a sack”“I Were given 5 On It” is arguably essentially the most notable weed tune ever, in response to a easy rule: everybody who pitches in will get to indulge.

Scarface, “Mary Jane”“While you unhappy, depressed, and feeling bizarre – who you blame/want some corporate to stay you sane – name her identify/Mary Jane I like you Mary Jane – do your thang/you’re all I want to stay me thru this thang – true to sport”On Scarface’s ode to marijuana, he explains how the herb has helped him take care of melancholy with out the negative effects of harsher medicine.

Wiz Khalifa “California”“Nonetheless rolling weed on my XXL/most effective distinction is that’s me at the quilt”In a little of suave wordplay, Wiz Khalifa shouts out his huge rolling papers whilst celebrating his budding rap occupation by way of showing at the quilt of XXL mag.

Danny Brown, “Blunt After Blunt”

“Long gone off a Xany, nodding off, looking at Threat/Rolling off some red that my n-gga name Grimace”In this smoking consultation from his breakout album XXX, Danny Brown compares his red weed to the blobbish personality from old skool McDonald’s advertisements — proper after taking a Xanax whilst looking at the vintage hood flick Threat II Society.

Jay Z, “Feelin It”“I’m so at a loss for words, OK I’m getting weeded now/I do know I contradicted myself, glance, I don’t want that now”On this line from the Cheap Doubt gem “Feelin It,” Jay is stressing himself out whilst mulling over whether or not he must take his mom’s recommendation and depart the drug sport, or proceed to chance his existence within the pursuit of more money. Weed doesn’t assist the decision-making procedure, both.

Pharoahe Monch toes. Talib Kweli, “D.R.E.A.M.”

“I used to smoke such a lot weed that it clouded my mind/took a smash needed to in finding existence’s that means once more/with out the smoke in my lungs I began dreaming once more”Even lyrics about leaving the golf green on my own may also be tough. Test Talib Kweli’s verse on “D.R.E.A.M.,” a tune from Pharoahe Monch’s 2014 album P.T.S.D.

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