When Is The Next Full Moon? Your Ultimate Guide To 2022s Full Moons, Super Moons, New Moons And Black Moons


WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND – APRIL 27: The total moon units in the back of Stonehenge on April 27, 2021 in Amesbury, … [+] England. The purple supermoon will succeed in height measurement within the early hours of Tuesday morning and can shine 30% brighter than a standard complete moon. (Photograph by way of Finnbarr Webster/Getty Photographs)

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Satisfied New Yr! Or is it? Maximum people reside by way of the Gregorian calendar, a sun calendar according to how lengthy it takes for our planet to orbit the Solar—364.3 days. We are living by way of the Solar but we additionally reside with a quasi-lunar calendar, with our months loosely according to the cycles of the Moon’s stages.

The Moon takes 29.5 days to spherical our planet, with 12 lunations taking 354 days. So a purely lunar yr lasts about 11 days shorter than the sun yr. That’s why conventional moonths, in fashionable occasions, are quite a lot of other lengths to make up for the shortfall.

That’s the mathematics, however extra importantly is the enjoyment of carefully following the Moon’s stages. Apply its stages moderately, follow it often and actively consider what it’s doing—even whilst you’re indoors and no longer venturing out all day—and also you’ll quickly expand a 6th sense for precisely what segment the Moon is in and the place it’s to your sky.

Right here’s the entirety you want to find out about our Moon in 2022—from its stages to the dates of complete Moons, New Moons or even a few uncommon general lunar eclipses—“Blood Moons!”

Levels of the Moon

The moon is at all times half-lit by way of the solar, however from the outside of the Earth, it doesn’t glance that manner. That’s since the moon is repeatedly orbiting, getting farther from the solar because it waxes to complete moon, then nearer to it because it wanes to a brand new moon. Moon-watchers have devised 8 distinct stages for our satellite tv for pc, every of which lasts for roughly 3.5 days:

  • New (rises at break of day, units at sundown)
  • Waxing Crescent
  • First Quarter (rises at midday, units in the dark)
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Complete (rises at sundown, units at break of day)
  • Waning Gibbous
  • 3rd Quarter (rises in the dark, units at midday)
  • Waning Crescent

The stages in daring happen seven days aside, so you’ll be able to see that it’s in reality moderately simple to get right into a weekly rhythm and appropriately expect what segment the Moon is in at any time. It simply takes a little bit apply!

When is the following complete Moon? Complete Moon dates and names in 2022

Right here’s when to peer a complete Moon in 2022. Even supposing the Moon will seem to be complete a couple of nights earlier than and after those dates, handiest on those actual dates will it’s conceivable to peer a complete Moon upward thrust within the east at nightfall and set within the west at break of day the next morning.

  • January 17 – the overall “Wolf Moon”
  • February 16 – the overall “Snow Moon”
  • March 18 – the overall “Malicious program Moon”
  • April 16 – the overall “Crimson Moon” (additionally a “Supermoon”)
  • Might 16 – the overall “Tremendous Flower Blood Moon” ( “Supermoon” and a complete lunar eclipse)
  • June 14 – the overall “Tremendous Strawberry Moon” (additionally a “Supermoon”)
  • July 13 – the overall “Greenback Moon” ( additionally a “Supermoon”)
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  • August 12 – the overall “Sturgeon Moon”
  • September 10 – the overall “Harvest Moon”
  • October 9 – the overall “Hunter’s Moon” (additionally a complete lunar eclipse)
  • November 8 – the overall “Frosty Moon”
  • December 8 – the overall “Chilly Moon”

Is there a Supermoon in 2022?

The largest complete Moon of the yr happens in 2022 coincidentally at the precise date of the summer season solstice—June 21, 2022. The ensuing “Tremendous Strawberry Moon” is bound to be a large media tournament, regardless that the truth that it’s the nearest complete Moon to Earth in 2022 calls for an evidence. It’s in reality actually easy—the Moon orbits Earth on a reasonably elliptical or egg-shaped orbit so there’s at all times going to be one complete Moon in keeping with yr that’s the nearest.

Alternatively, definitions range and a few assume a supermoon is so if it happens inside of a particular distance from Earth. So by way of some calculations there are 4 supermoons in 2022—in Might, June, July and August.

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When is the following ‘Blood Moon’ general lunar eclipse in 2022?

When is the following eclipse? Two of the overall Moons indexed above—Might’s “Flower Moon” and November’s Frosty Moon” can also be general lunar eclipses. Such occasions can handiest happen when the Earth is strictly between the Solar and the overall Moon and our satellite tv for pc cruises thru Earth’s shadow cone in area. Listed below are the dates:

  • Might 16, 2022
  • November 8, 2022

Right through each occasions the Moon will flip a copper-red colour for 84 mins. Each occasions are observable from North The united states, however they’re the final till 2025—so remember to put the dates to your calendar.

When is the following New Moon? New Moon dates in 2022

New Moon is when our satellite tv for pc is between the Earth and the Solar. It’s due to this fact no longer visual, regardless that infrequently reasons an eclipse of the Solar (which this yr happen in Might and October). Alternatively, the dates of the New Moon are most respected for those who’re planning on doing any place with darkish skies and fancy performing some stargazing. Simplest when the Moon is out of the evening sky are they in point of fact darkish.

  • January 2 (A “Tremendous New Moon”)
  • February 1
  • March 2
  • April 1
  • April 30 (A “Black Moon”—the second one New Moon in the similar month)
  • Might 30 (additionally a partial sun eclipse visual from South The united states and Antarctica)
  • June 29 (Technically a “Micro Moon”—regardless that the time period isn’t popularly used)
  • July 28
  • August 27
  • September 25
  • October 25 (additionally a partial sun eclipse visual from all of Europe, northeast Africa, the Center East and central Asia)
  • November 23
  • December 23 (A “Tremendous New Moon”)

When to peer Mars occulted by way of the Moon in 2022

One thing extraordinary will occur on December 8, 2022 when the crimson planet Mars—only a few days after being the brightest it ever will get in our evening sky—is covered-up by way of the overall “Chilly Moon.” The hour-long occultation is handiest visual from a slim trail throughout Earth, which contains North The united states and Europe.

Wishing you transparent skies and large eyes.

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