What causes itchy legs?

What causes itchy legs?

Not unusual reasons of pruritus at the frame or the legs come with:

  • dry pores and skin
  • inflammation from computer virus bites or hypersensitive reactions to vegetation, comparable to poison ivy
  • persistent pores and skin stipulations, comparable to eczema and psoriasis
  • allergic touch dermatitis, which is an hypersensitive reaction to topical drugs
  • inflammation because of shaving or sensitivity to cosmetics and chemical substances
  • pressure
  • sicknesses, comparable to diabetes, some cancers, kidney illness, and liver illness

We talk about a few of these reasons in additional element under.

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Dry pores and skin, or xerosis

Dry pores and skin is a big reason for itching. The clinical time period for dry pores and skin is xerosis. It could happen for lots of causes, comparable to age, local weather, and pores and skin stipulations. Actions, comparable to swimming in chlorinated water or spending time with the surface in water may cause dry pores and skin.

Dry pores and skin may cause the next signs:

  • tough, scaly, or flaking pores and skin
  • itching
  • cracks within the pores and skin, which might bleed if serious
  • grey, ashy pores and skin on darkish pores and skin tones

Dry pores and skin is also an early signal of dermatitis, or pores and skin irritation, which is able to purpose an itchy rash or patches of dry, annoyed pores and skin. With out remedy, dermatitis ceaselessly will get worse, so individuals who suspect they have got dermatitis will have to see a physician.

Learn extra about dry pores and skin patches.

Computer virus bites or vegetation

If an individual has hung out open air not too long ago, they could have encountered biting bugs or vegetation that worsen the surface, comparable to nettles or poison ivy. Biting bugs come with mosquitos, spiders, and parasites.

Chemical compounds in some insect bites and vegetation may cause uncovered pores and skin to transform itchy. They may be able to additionally purpose swelling, pores and skin redness, and hives.

Other people don’t all the time realize after they get stung and might simplest increase signs later. Stings at the legs ceaselessly happen when other people put on shorts or skirts open air.

Learn extra about insect bites.


Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a prolonged situation affecting greater than 30 million American citizens, in keeping with the Nationwide Eczema Affiliation. It could purpose purple, itchy, and annoyed pores and skin nearly any place at the frame, together with the legs.

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In small children, eczema is maximum commonplace at the cheeks and outer legs and arms. In older youngsters and adults, it seems that maximum ceaselessly at the backs of the knees, the insides of the elbows, and the again of the neck.

Examine various kinds of eczema.


Psoriasis is an immune-related dysfunction that reasons infected plaques on many spaces at the frame. Some other people revel in vital itchiness from the plaques, which have a tendency to increase at the knees, elbows, and scalp.

There’s no treatment for psoriasis, however most of the people with the situation to find aid thru easy remedy choices and by way of studying to steer clear of triggers that may purpose flares.

Examine various kinds of psoriasis.

Different pores and skin stipulations

Different pores and skin stipulations that may purpose itchy legs come with shingles, ringworm, and hives.

Shaving the legs

Shaving is any other conceivable reason for itchy legs. Razor blades scrape and worsen the surface and will purpose ingrown hairs, which can result in delicate and itchy pores and skin.

Examine why shaving may cause itchy legs.


Touch hypersensitive reactions may cause a purple itchy rash around the frame when an individual comes into touch with a particular allergen. Not unusual allergens come with nickel, rubber components, and topical antibiotics, comparable to Neosporin.

This actual form of pores and skin response is referred to as allergic touch dermatitis.

Workout-induced urticaria

Even though uncommon, some other people can get hives from workout. Workout-induced urticaria may cause itchy legs, amongst different spaces.

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Along with itching, the indications normally come with hives, pores and skin flushing, cramps, hassle respiring, a headache, and conceivable swelling across the face.

Workout-induced urticaria is usually a unhealthy clinical situation. Someone who develops those signs all through workout will have to prevent exercising and notice a physician once conceivable.

Other people too can get cholinergic urticaria, a situation that reasons hives when the surface will get heat and sweaty.


Researchers have additionally recognized pressure as a possible reason for itching. Researchers have no idea why that is, however they suspect that difficult mind process involving the hippocampus and subcortical mind constructions might play a task.

Rigidity-related hives are commonplace.

Examine how pressure may cause a rash.


Many of us with diabetes revel in pores and skin issues and they are able to be somewhat serious, so an individual will have to take them critically.

Itchy legs is usually a signal of deficient flow or dry pores and skin. Itching will also be an indication of nerve injury, or diabetic neuropathy.

If an individual with diabetes is interested in itching, they will have to ask their healthcare suppliers to test for this situation. Common moisturizing can assist other people with diabetes offer protection to their pores and skin.

Examine diabetes and itching.

Different clinical stipulations

Pores and skin itching can now and again be an indication of significant clinical problems, comparable to Hodgkin’s lymphoma, HIV, kidney issues, or an overactive thyroid gland.

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