Cat Love Bites: What Do They Mean?

Reviewed for accuracy on Would possibly 1, 2018 by way of Dr. Katie Grzyb, DVM

You’re gently petting your cat when she starts nipping at your hand, which leaves many cat homeowners questioning, “Why is my cat biting me?” Those so-called “cat love bites” don’t usually draw blood, however they occur unexpectedly, which leaves you questioning what led to the exchange on your cat’s habits.

“Biting homeowners all over petting is likely one of the maximum not unusual behavioral issues of cats,” says Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist on the Faculty of Veterinary Drugs on the College of Illinois, Chicago.

Veterinarians weigh in on what cat love bites are, why cats interact on this habits, and the way puppy oldsters can react accurately when their furred circle of relatives member feels the want to chunk.

What Cat Love Bites Are and Aren’t

Don’t confuse cat love bites—additionally known as petting-induced aggression—with the kind of overly-aggressive biting related to concern, defensiveness or performing territorially.

Cat love bites don’t usually destroy pores and skin. “It begins off with licking, and the grooming habits turns into extra intense, and you’ll really feel little tooth on you,” explains Dr. Wailani Sung, a body of workers veterinarian with San Francisco SPCA.

Every other clue that your cat is attractive in love biting is that different indicators of aggression, comparable to hissing, growling and clawing, are usually absent, says Dr. Liz Stelow, Leader of Carrier of Scientific Conduct Carrier on the Veterinary Clinical Instructing Sanatorium at College of California, Davis.

“The cat’s frame language is normally relatively comfy, even supposing the cat would possibly change into relatively demanding instantly previous to biting,” Dr. Stelow says.

Why Your Cat Bites You All over Petting Classes

There isn’t a lot analysis on why cats interact in love biting; maximum of what’s identified is in line with hypothesis, says Dr. Stelow.

The time period “love chunk” is moderately of a misnomer. “When cats chunk on this context, it’s no longer an indication of love, however quite a sign that the cat is finished with the interplay. If the petting continues regardless of the cat’s efforts to sign that she or he is finished with being petted, the cat would possibly escalate to a chunk,” says Dr. Ballantyne. A cat love chunk can indisputably be a results of overstimulation.

Cat love bites can be accidental, as a part of the cat’s grooming procedure. They might be “licking for a definite time frame, then the usage of their incisors to get a selected house. Your cat would possibly make a choice to groom you, your hand or face or head,” says Dr. Sung.

Moreover, no longer all cats revel in petting. “Some cats would possibly wish to, or revel in resting on their puppy father or mother’s lap, however would possibly not in reality revel in being petted. It’s additionally imaginable that the puppy father or mother is petting the cat in spaces that the cat reveals ugly, comparable to on its abdominal or close to or on its tail,” says Dr. Ballantyne.

Easy methods to Correctly Reply to Cat Love Bites

Learning your cat’s frame language is likely one of the highest tactics to discover ways to accurately react and save you long run occurrences. “Stay up for indicators of discomfort, comparable to ears to the facet or a twitching tail, and forestall petting if those are observed,” says Dr. Ballantyne.

Puppy oldsters will have to understand if the cat biting stops when the cat is being petted with extra frequency, or much less, says Dr. Terri Shiny, Director of Conduct Services and products at MSPCA-Angell in Boston. “The landlord will have to then reply accurately earlier than the cat bites. Thus, if the cat usually bites after 5 petting strokes, the landlord will have to all the time forestall at 4 strokes. They may be able to even train the cat that ‘All accomplished!’ approach they are going to get a favourite toy for the cat.”

Dr. Ballantyne recommends holding petting periods transient, pausing ceaselessly to gauge the cat’s hobby. “I additionally suggest that folks all the time invite their cat over to have interaction, quite than drawing near and dealing with a snoozing or resting cat. And focal point petting on spaces that cats most often revel in, comparable to across the ears and beneath the chin, and steer clear of petting cats on their bellies or close to their tails.”

By no means react negatively to cat biting. “The landlord will have to by no means scruff, shake, spray or frighten the cat in anyway; this will motive the cat to reply with true and threatening aggression,” says Dr. Shiny.

If a cat bites you and breaks the outside, make sure you wash the wound instantly. Search for any swelling, ache or redness that spreads. If you happen to see any of those, see your physician or move to a walk-in health center.

Love biting is a not unusual habits in cats, however one that may be controlled by way of learning your cat’s frame language, studying to redirect undesired behaviors and respecting her tolerance for touch.

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