Why Do Dogs Chew on Their Paws?

Why Do Dogs Chew on Their Paws?
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Is your canine too “into” his paws in recent years? Is she slurping and chewing away on her personal mode of transportation, or oddly licking on her ft and ft? Such habits now not most effective turns out atypical (and unbecoming round visitors!), however it may be motive for fear. How a lot is an excessive amount of?

In case your canine’s chewing or licking of his paws is intense, extended, or common, you will have to be involved. And in case your canine may be limping, or the “overly licked” house is crimson, swollen, bleeding, or stinky, you undoubtedly wish to see your vet.

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We’ve put in combination a listing of the most typical causes canines lick and chunk their paws an excessive amount of:

Dry Pores and skin

Throughout wintry weather months or in arid climates, canines can enjoy dry pores and skin, identical to we do. However as a substitute of moisturizing or selecting up some lotion on the CVS, canines would possibly lick their paws to relive the itchy feeling of dry pores and skin on their paw pads. The dry pores and skin itself will also be a sign that your canine isn’t getting sufficient fatty acids in her nutrition. Fatty acids lend a hand stay the outside and coat wholesome and versatile.

For those who suppose this could be the case, you’ll be able to upload a splash of olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or fish oil in your canine’s meals a couple of instances per week to handle the deficiency. Or imagine a pores and skin balm formulated particularly for animals.

Hypersensitive reactions

Canines can increase seasonal allergic reactions to pollens and molds, or they’ll turn into allergic to cleansing merchandise or chemical substances in your house. However meals allergic reactions increase steadily amongst canines and frequently lead to pores and skin inflammation that has effects on more than a few portions of the frame.

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Some canines increase reactions to specific proteins of their meals (red meat, lamb, dairy, rooster, wheat, eggs, corn, or soy), however it’s tough to spot the offending aspect by yourself. On the other hand, to ensure that a canine to increase the allergic reaction, she should have had prior publicity to the aspect in query, that means it’s most probably probably the most components to your maximum tried-and-true pet food is inflicting the issue.

Communicate in your vet about what you’re feeding your canine and discover how you could make dietary adjustments that save you pores and skin inflammation.


By means of licking the paws (now and again an excessive amount of), your canine could also be nursing an damage, equivalent to a wound or puncture to the toe pads, or in all probability a fractured claw or toe. In case your canine is especially lively, or has been operating off-leash in new terrain, this might be the most productive clarification.

At all times you should definitely test the paw (or any house that’s overly groomed) for some starting up motive. Search for visual indicators of damage to the realm.

Stay an eye fixed out for a splinter or burr or any cuts or tears and cuts to the paw pads.


Fleas, ticks, and mites maximum unquestionably motive itchy sensations, and your canine would possibly attempt to deal with the issue through licking away or chewing out the little buggers.

Ticks are highest to seek out, however mites are hardly visual, and fleas are tough to pinpoint except they’ve run rampant for your canine.

If you’ll be able to’t establish any other motive to your canine’s habits, communicate in your vet about parasites, in particular in the event you’re now not already offering common remedy for ticks and fleas.

Mental Disillusioned

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Canines—and plenty of animals, people integrated—will over-groom themselves once they really feel nervous, lonely, depressed, or bored.

Licking the paws would possibly briefly soothe a canine’s apprehensive machine when he feels “an excessive amount of” or doesn’t obtain sufficient play, stimulation, or affection.

After all, some canines are naturally nervous, in particular when mother or dad go away the home. Rescue canines will have skilled forget or abuse that grew to become amplified their nervousness and concern. Follow when your canine engages within the habits and what else is happening in the house at the moment.

In case your canine is by myself steadily, a loving canine sitter or canine walker can do wonders to lend a hand alleviate their tension.

The Backside Line

It will be bizarre in case your canine by no means licked herself. But when your canine continues to be licking the similar house after a number of days or per week, undoubtedly give your vet a decision.

It’s necessary to intrude and search an answer for the reason that habits can also be self-perpetuating. What begins as an damage would possibly result in licking, however your canine would possibly uncover she likes the sensation. The method of licking would possibly produce a brand new damage to the paw (tongues are tough and rainy!), so the canine will proceed to lick to regard the wound when she’s most effective making it worse.

This habits can result in a moderately horrifying lick granuloma—an open wound at the paw or leg—or can also be accompanied through a yeast or bacterial an infection of the outside. So, it’s best possible to hunt lend a hand early in the event you understand the licking and chewing has long past too a ways.

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