Animal Myths Busted

Animal Myths Busted

Animals perform a little beautiful ordinary issues. Giraffes blank their eyes and ears with their tongues. Snakes see via their eyelids. Some snails can hibernate for 3 years. However different bizarre animal stories are hogwash.

MYTH: Ostriches bury their heads within the sand when they are scared or threatened.

HOW IT STARTED: It is an optical phantasm! Ostriches are the biggest dwelling birds, however their heads are beautiful small. “In the event you see them selecting on the floor from a distance, it’ll appear to be their heads are buried within the floor,” says Glinda Cunningham of the American Ostrich Affiliation.

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WHY IT’S NOT TRUE: Ostriches do not bury their heads within the sand—they would not be capable to breathe! However they do dig holes within the grime to make use of as nests for his or her eggs. A number of instances an afternoon, a chook places her head within the hollow and turns the eggs. So it actually does appear to be the birds are burying their heads within the sand!

MYTH: Opossums hold by way of their tails.

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HOW IT STARTED: Opossums use their tails to seize branches as they climb bushes. So it is not sudden that folks consider in addition they hold from branches.

WHY IT’S NOT TRUE: A toddler opossum can hold from its tail for a couple of seconds, however an grownup is just too heavy. But even so, says Paula Fingers of the Nationwide Opossum Society, that would not assist them continue to exist. “Why would they simply hang out? That ability is not helpful—there is not any level.”

MYTH: Mom birds will reject their young children if they have been touched by way of people.

HOW IT STARTED: Neatly-meaning people who discover a chick at the floor would possibly wish to go back the newborn chook to the nest. However the chook is almost certainly studying to fly and should not be disturbed. The story can have been invented to stay folks from dealing with younger birds.

WHY IT’S NOT TRUE: “Maximum birds have a poorly advanced sense of odor,” says Michael Mace, chook curator at San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. “They would possibly not understand a human smell.” One exception: vultures, who sniff out lifeless animals for dinner. However you would not wish to mess with a vulture anywa

MYTH: Penguins fall backward after they glance up at airplanes.

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HOW IT STARTED: Legend has it that British pilots humming round islands off South The united states noticed penguins toppling over like dominoes when the birds appeared skyward.

WHY IT’S NOT TRUE: An experiment trying out the tale discovered that penguins are completely in a position to keeping up their footing, despite the fact that they are looking at airplanes. “However the fact is not humorous,” says John Shears, who labored at the survey. “Low-flying airplane may cause penguins to panic and depart their nests.”

MYTH: Touching a frog or toad offers you warts.

HOW IT STARTED: Many frogs and toads have bumps on their pores and skin that appear to be warts. Some folks assume the bumps are contagious.

WHY IT’S NOT TRUE: “Warts are brought about by way of a human virus, no longer frogs or toads,” says dermatologist Jerry Litt. However the wartlike bumps at the back of a toad’s ears will also be bad. Those parotoid glands comprise an unpleasant poison that irritates the mouths of a few predators and steadily the outside of people. So toads won’t purpose warts, however they may be able to purpose different nasties. It is best to not deal with those critters—warts and all!

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