Nexplanon (birth control)

Nexplanon (birth control)

What’s Nexplanon?Nexplanon is a type of birth control, or delivery keep watch over. This is a small, plastic rod concerning the measurement of a matchstick this is inserted below the outside of your higher arm. The implant releases a hormone referred to as progestin, which prevents ovulation, or the discharge of an egg out of your ovaries. It additionally thickens the mucus to your vagina to forestall sperm from getting into your uterus.

What’s Nexplanon used for?Nexplanon is a contraceptive that protects in opposition to being pregnant for as much as 3 years. Some other Nexplanon will also be inserted while you get a prior one got rid of. It’s conceivable so that you can get pregnant very quickly after Nexplanon is got rid of.

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What occurs all the way through the process?You can be requested to take a being pregnant check sooner than the process to you’ll want to aren’t pregnant. Your supplier will blank your arm with antiseptic resolution after which inject some numbing medication. She or he will then use an applicator to insert the Nexplanon below your pores and skin at the inside your higher arm. You might really feel some drive and discomfort all the way through the process. Your supplier will then duvet the world the place the implant was once positioned with bandages. The process simplest takes about 10 mins.

A identical process will happen for removing of Nexplanon. The supplier will blank and numb your arm. She or he will then use a scalpel to make a small incision close to the web site of the implant. Procedural tools are then used to find and take away the implant. A brand new Nexplanon will also be inserted presently if you wish to proceed the use of this type of birth control. Nexplanon should be got rid of on or sooner than the 3-year mark.

What are the dangers?

  • Bruising and swelling the place the Nexplanon was once positioned
  • Ache or discomfort on the web site of placement
  • Scarring of the outside
  • A small possibility of an infection
  • Issue retrieving the Nexplanon at time of removing

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What must I do to organize for the process?

  • Don’t have unprotected intercourse for two weeks sooner than you get the Nexplanon positioned as we will be able to now not be capable of ascertain a adverse being pregnant check and won’t be able to accomplish the process.
  • If you’re the use of a unique form of birth control, just like the Tablet or Nuva Ring, proceed to make use of it as prescribed through your physician for one week after the Nexplanon has been positioned.
  • Come on your appointment with a complete bladder so you’ll take a being pregnant check sooner than the process

What must I be expecting after the process?It is possible for you to to power your self house after this process. You might convey somebody to power you if you want.

Your supplier will position a bandage over the insertion web site, that may be got rid of on the finish of the day.

You might enjoy ache, inflammation, or bruising on the injection web site. You might take an over the counter (OTC) ache reliever, like Advil or Tylenol.

It is important to abstain from intercourse or use a back-up manner, like a condom, for 7 days after the process. This offers the implant time to start out running correctly.

  • Should you have been taking a unique type of delivery keep watch over sooner than getting Nexplanon you’ll proceed to take it for the 7 days or as advisable through your physician.
  • Nexplanon, and different contraceptives, don’t give protection to in opposition to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Simplest condoms can give protection to in opposition to STIs.

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You might enjoy abnormal menstrual bleeding, particularly for the primary few months after insertion. Some sufferers in the end haven’t any menstrual bleeding

Name your supplier if you happen to enjoy:

  • Bleeding that fills a pad or extra in an hour
  • Ache that’s not relieved with an OTC ache reliever
  • Redness or a considerable amount of swelling on the injection web site
  • Fever more than 100.4 levels Fahrenheit
  • Any indicators of being pregnant

Place of work quantity: (404) 778-3401, Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM

  • For emergencies after hours, calling this quantity will attach you to the operator, who will web page the OBGYN doctor on name.

In case your ache turns into serious, or your fever rises above 102oF within the 3 days following the process you must pass to the emergency room.

Click on right here for a PDF model of this knowledge.

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