Why does my urine smell like ammonia?

As a rule, this prevalence is not anything to purpose alarm. There are occasions, then again, the place ammonia-smelling urine signifies a well being downside.


Dehydration could cause an ammonia odor. Dehydration happens when any person fails to drink sufficient fluids or has an important fluid loss, because of vomiting or diarrhea. Ammonia scent occurs when chemical substances in urine are concentrated because of a loss of water.

Along with an ammonia-like scent, every other telltale signal of dehydration is bubbles in an individual’s urine. And if any person is dehydrated, their urine is darkish honey or brown colour, quite than a faded yellow or gold.

Urinary tract infections

In line with analysis from Washington College Faculty of Drugs in St. Louis, Missouri, urinary tract infections or UTIs are the commonest bacterial infections international, affecting as much as 150 million other people every 12 months.

Further figures for the USA come with 10.5 million physician visits and as much as 3 million emergency room visits for UTI signs.

UTIs generally tend to impact girls and women extra, however males and boys too can increase UTIs. Those infections are the results of micro organism getting into the urinary tract. The micro organism make urine odor disagreeable and purpose it to be cloudy or bloody.

Being pregnant

Pregnant ladies have a better possibility than others for UTIs, which will increase their possibilities of having ammonia-smelling urine. One document from the U.S. Facilities for Illness Regulate and Prevention (CDC) unearths as much as 8 p.c of pregnant ladies enjoy UTIs.

UTIs could cause severe being pregnant headaches, together with untimely hard work, low start weight, and sepsis infections. Therefore, pregnant ladies will have to let their docs know in the event that they enjoy unpleasant-smelling urine, particularly if the odor resembles ammonia.

Being pregnant nutrients too can create a odor of ammonia within the urine. Stinky urine from taking nutrients most often is going away after a little while.

Within the absence of alternative signs, reminiscent of ache with urination, cloudy or darkish urine colour, or atypical frequency of urination, there may be most often little explanation why for fear. However reccurring ammonia scent in being pregnant will have to nonetheless be delivered to a physician’s consideration.


Menopause too can building up a lady’s possibility for UTIs and ammonia-smelling scent, attributable to drops within the feminine hormone estrogen and lack of vaginal plant life, which can be the traditional and wholesome micro organism residing within the vagina. Each those adjustments would possibly purpose ammonia-smelling urine.

An extra chance is vitamin adjustments right through menopause, which is able to purpose an ammonia scent.


Vitamin is the commonest reason behind ammonia-smelling urine in all other people. Sure meals, drugs, and nutrients could cause adjustments in urine odor and colour.

Asparagus is often related with an ammonia odor, as are massive quantities of diet B-6. In a similar way, meals top in protein can building up urine’s acidic houses and purpose it to have an ammonia odor.

When vitamin is the reason for ammonia-smelling urine, the scent disappears as soon as an individual removes meals triggers from their vitamin. Smell brought about by means of one thing an individual has eaten is most often not anything to fret about.

Kidney or bladder stones

Any person who develops kidney or bladder stones would possibly enjoy ammonia-smelling urine.

When stones move in the course of the urinary tract, the danger for UTIs will increase and they are able to purpose urine to have an ammonia odor.

Kidney illness

Kidney illness reasons chemical substances in urine to transform concentrated and to purpose a odor similar to ammonia. Kidney disorder too can purpose top micro organism and protein ranges within the urine, which is able to give a contribution to a nasty, ammonia odor.

Liver illness

The liver, in a similar fashion to the kidneys, is liable for eliminating toxins from the frame and serving to it to digest meals. Infections and illnesses of the liver can produce top ranges of ammonia within the urine and the accompanying smelly scent.

Ammonia ranges in blood and urine will building up when the liver isn’t operating how it will have to. Any persisted ammonia scent in urine will have to be checked by means of a physician.

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