Cervical dystonia

Cervical dystonia


Cervical dystonia, also known as spasmodic torticollis, is a painful situation during which your neck muscle groups contract involuntarily, inflicting your head to curve or flip to 1 facet. Cervical dystonia too can motive your head to uncontrollably tilt ahead or backward.

An extraordinary dysfunction that may happen at any age, cervical dystonia maximum continuously happens in middle-aged other folks, ladies greater than males. Signs normally start progressively after which achieve some degree the place they do not get considerably worse.

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There’s no treatment for cervical dystonia. The dysfunction occasionally resolves with out remedy, however sustained remissions are unusual. Injecting botulinum toxin into the affected muscle groups continuously reduces the indicators and signs of cervical dystonia. Surgical procedure could also be suitable in a couple of instances.


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The muscle contractions concerned about cervical dystonia could cause your head to curve in numerous instructions, together with:

  • Chin towards shoulder
  • Ear towards shoulder
  • Chin directly up
  • Chin directly down

The commonest form of twisting related to cervical dystonia is when your chin is pulled towards your shoulder. Some other folks enjoy a mixture of unusual head postures. A jerking movement of the top additionally might happen.

Many of us who’ve cervical dystonia additionally enjoy neck ache that may radiate into the shoulders. The dysfunction too can motive complications. In some other folks, the ache from cervical dystonia may also be hard and disabling.


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In the general public with cervical dystonia, the motive is unknown. Some individuals who have cervical dystonia have a circle of relatives historical past of the dysfunction. Researchers have discovered gene mutations related to cervical dystonia. Cervical dystonia could also be occasionally connected to go, neck or shoulder accidents.

Chance components

Chance components for cervical dystonia come with:

  • Age. Whilst the dysfunction can happen in other folks of any age, it maximum frequently starts after age 30.
  • Your intercourse. Ladies are much more likely to expand cervical dystonia than are males.
  • Circle of relatives historical past. If a detailed circle of relatives member has cervical dystonia or every other form of dystonia, you’re at upper chance of growing the dysfunction.


In some instances, the involuntary muscle contractions related to cervical dystonia can unfold to within reach spaces of your frame. The commonest places come with the face, jaw, fingers and trunk.

Individuals who have cervical dystonia might also expand bone spurs that can scale back the quantity of area within the spinal canal. This will motive tingling, numbness and weak spot within the fingers, palms, legs or ft.

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