Dos and Donts: What Can You Pour Down the Drain?

What Can You Pour Down the Drain?

“Don’t pour that down the drain, it’ll clog it!”

Maximum people were admonished via any person about pouring grease or every other substance down a sink or different drain. Alternatively, there are way more culprits to a clogged pipe machine than bacon grease, and figuring out what’s secure to flush or drain can prevent cash and complications over the long term.

That’s why we’ve put in combination this complete information about what to not pour down the drain and methods to handle commonplace home items.

What To not Put Down Your Drain

Whilst none of those will have to instantaneously clog a kitchen sink or bathroom, over the years this stuff will considerably harm your plumbing techniques and pipes, so don’t put those down them:

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  • 1) Grease: Grease (in conjunction with fat and oils) are elements that motive kitchen plumbing problems. As those are binding brokers after they quiet down, they are going to swiftly clog pipes and drains. Put those in jars or cans to chill sooner than putting off them within the trash.
  • 2) Increasing Meals: We’re speaking in regards to the rice, pasta, and oatmeal of the sector. Maximum starchy or grainy solids that sing his own praises will motive blockages if they’re poured down your drain. Scraping plates into the trash sooner than rinsing is a should.
  • 3) Espresso Grounds: One of the crucial commonplace reasons of kitchen sink blockages, espresso grounds are harsh on pipes and don’t get correctly flooring via rubbish disposals.
  • 4) Flour: We don’t counsel creating a sourdough starter for your kitchen sink drain. Recall to mind the consistency of bread dough – it just about simply takes flour and water, so keep away from a clog via no longer striking flour down the drain.
  • 5) Eggshells: Every other reputedly innocuous bi-product like espresso grounds, those don’t seem to be simply disposed of and will get caught in viscous wallet of different difficult-to-drain elements.
  • 6) Fibrous Culmination and Veggies: Produce like pumpkin, corn husks, and different tough-shelled culmination and veggies can simply clog your kitchen sink. Trash or compost them as an alternative.
  • 7) Paint: Paint can right away motive critical drainage problems – and next well being dangers. There are explanation why there are hazardous waste labels on maximum paints, so keep away from rinsing them down your drain.
  • 8) Paper Merchandise: In particular keep away from the rest non-toilet paper as any way over fibrous paper could cause a clog. Pieces like paper towels, wipes, sanitary merchandise, or packaging will have to by no means be put down a drain – they are going to no longer go away with out skilled help.
  • 9) Harsh Cleansing Merchandise: Those merchandise may no longer essentially clog your sinks and drains, however they may be able to be hazardous on your well being and consume away at your pipes. Test with particular labels on merchandise to peer how very best to put off them.
  • 10) Flushable Merchandise: Female hygiene merchandise, child wipes, and different ‘flushable’ merchandise can all put important pressure in your drain. Some other folks (or even product packaging) will insist those are superb to flush, however take it from us – they aren’t.
  • 11) Medicine: Every other reputedly harmless set of goods when it comes to clogging, drugs is a number one supply of contaminating water provides. Be courteous on your personal family in addition to others via no longer flushing or draining unused drugs.

There are dozens of different commonplace merchandise that may hurt pipes – we all the time counsel interested by how a subject matter will react to confined areas and water sooner than striking it down a drain.

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When a Clogged Sink Turns into a Larger Drawback

Whilst particular product and single-drain problems are necessary to grasp and save you, there may be one state of affairs that calls for important alarm and fast skilled help: a mainline clog.

A prime sewer line blockage could cause important belongings harm in addition to contaminate your water. A number of telltale indicators of this factor are:

A couple of drains are sponsored up directly: Particularly if in case you have no longer spotted problems prior they usually temporarily switched to gurgling, draining slowly, and emitting putrid smells.

Sewage compelled up flooring drains/sewer cleanouts: If water can not move thru your major sewer line, then the sewage/wastewater should get away in other places. This can be both your sewer cleanout, sitting flooring drains, or each.

-Water backs up for your bathe when the bathroom flushes: That is the commonest prevalence of displaced wastewater with nowhere to head, however there are different an identical problems. Those come with bathroom overflows whilst the use of a dishwasher or washer – mainly the rest that creates extra water that can not make it in the course of the sewer strains.

If you happen to revel in a number of of those signs, it isn’t the time to poke round and spot if you’ll be able to put in force a DIY repair. Name a plumbing skilled as of late with the intention to save your self loads or hundreds of bucks – and most significantly, save you wastewater from trashing your own home and well being.

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Different Concerns and FAQs

Now not all issues are negative to place down sinks and drains, some are in fact reasonably useful – however there are lots of home items that may motive some confusion. Listed here are a couple of commonplace questions and solutions we discover useful:


We extremely counsel this tradition, and ceaselessly other folks ask “why pour salt down the drain?” The solution is that salt will smash down grease and emulsified fat on its own, and particularly when blended with vinegar and sizzling water it will probably give a contribution to clearer pipes.


Coke and different colas are in fact strangely first rate pipe cleaners, so drain at will! They comprise phosphoric acid, which is able to smash down positive buildups for your pipes.


Although no longer as damaging as grease, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is a viscous resolution that may and can motive clogs.

Paint thinner

Don’t pour paint thinner down the drain – turpentine and different mineral solvents used to take away paint will consume away at your pipes and contaminate your water provide.


Ammonia is water-soluble and secure to empty. We suggest you dilute it with quite a lot of water to cut back damaging results, and don’t combine it with different family merchandise should you do drain it, even though.


Antifreeze is a no-go for draining in your house. Ethylene glycol is damaging on your pipes and water provide, and will have to be contained and disposed of safely – by no means poured right into a drain.


Vinegar is each secure and advisable to pour down your drain. It acts as a herbal cleansing resolution and will take away blockages and damaging micro organism that motive foul odors.

Boiling water

Boiling water is generally secure to pour down maximum drains – however be sure you be careful for you and people whilst doing it! In some excessive instances of broken pipes, it would additional degrade plastic seals, however the ones had been most probably already in critical jeopardy if water exacerbates it.


Sure – It’s milk. How susceptible do you suppose pipes are?

REAL ANSWER: Milk isn’t essentially damaging on your pipes and drains, however is very damaging to the surroundings when poured down your drain. Thus, we strongly counsel discovering contained answers or composting milk.


Alcohol is most often secure to pour down a drain in average qualities. If you wish to have to put off huge quantities of it, both dilute it or take time in between draining it in order to not over pressure your pipes.

Are you able to combine baking soda and vinegar to wash drains?

Although no longer all the time the #1 really helpful long-term resolution, baking soda and vinegar in conjunction with some sizzling water can end up to be a serviceable technique to transparent your drains.

What can I pour down a stinky sink?

Baking soda and vinegar can assist mitigate foul odors, in addition to boiling water + citrus, and even only a cleaning soap and water compound. Crucial factor is getting all buildup blank from disposals and drains – the ones are what generally motive foul odors.

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At Deer Valley plumbing, we have now many years of revel in serving to householders make sustainable selections to stay pipes and drains wholesome. Our plumbing services and products come with preemptive making plans in order that you received’t be caught calling us ankle-deep in water.

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