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Yes Sir Lyrics Chief Keef | 4NEM

Description:- ​​​​Sure Sir Lyrics Leader Keef are Equipped on this article. This can be a new track which is sang through well-known Singer Leader Keef. This track is from 4NEM album. This track will unencumber on 17 December 2021.In case you are looking ​Sure Sir Lyrics then you’re at the proper submit. So with out losing time we could bounce directly to Sure Sir Track Lyrics.Track:– Sure SirSinger:– Leader KeefAlbum:– 4NEMManufacturer:– JI (manufacturer) & StuntmanWritten:– Stuntman & Leader KeefLabel:– RBC Data & Glory Boyz Leisure

Sure Sir Lyrics Leader Keef

[Verse 1]
No sir, no sir
New Maybach however I ain’t were given a chauffeur
I’m in it for the bread, put you on a toaster
Ayy, sure sir
Ayy, ayy, were given it lil older was once a tender flexer
You understand it’s a move ’purpose complain, my jacket checker
Pop up one tablet however it’s a double decker
Dududuh, ayy
Sure sir, I ain’t talkin’ colleges however I’m waitin’ on a switch
Ship a pussy boy to satisfy my ancestors
Pull up at the block, it’s sizzling, flamin’ chesters
Ayy, sure sir
I simply flew a complain in from Manchester
They took me to prison, I shoulda smacked the arrestor
Hop out the automobile flexin’ like Silvester
Ayy, ayy
No sir, complain simply pulled up in I8 roaster
Observe value an excessive amount of, instructed that complain “No, sir”
Ain’t no fuckin’ cryin’ on my fuckin’ shoulder
Hundred greenback stеak and I don’t just like the texturе
You’ll die these days, simply scratch out yester’
Diamonds on my ring, cash like a wrestler
Took how you can move, it wasn’t a excellent gesture
Is your whip bullet evidence? I’ll be the tester
Take a look at that shit out like a rattling semester
Walked up within the membership, needed to exchange the elements
Put that complain out, she almost definitely seekin’ safe haven
They requested me what I need, I stated “I need without end”
Whinge stay callin’ the telephone, I needed to ship her an error
Mentioned “I’m gon’ name you again” however I will be able to’t bear in mind
I need two bitches who primary contender
Child, inform me what I will be able to do to make it higher
Ice were given me shivering and I’m wearin’ a sweater
Walkin’ at the P’s and gettin’ G’s vector
Leader So will put you on a blouse, sure sir
Ayy, no sir
Again seemin’ farther however I’m gettin’ nearer
He’ll kill his momma for a lil’ publicity
And he left her frame the place the fuckin’ crows had been[Interlude]
Ayy, sure sir, sure sir, sure sir
Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure sir, sure sir
Sure sir[Verse 2]
She be tryna smoke and everytime I be giant bug
Middle chilly as center burn
She tryna see what phrases he on then she get started talkin’ outta time period
She tryna give me mind however I will be able to’t even be informed
Did some time drivin’, I will be able to’t even flip
Attorney so excellent, I purchased him a legislation company
Everytime he beat the case, smartly executed[Interlude]
Wooh, sure sir
Sure sir, sure sir, sure sir, sure sir[Verse 3]
We’ll put you on a stretcher
This complain 5 thousand, no crying on my sweater
She need some inexperienced to shop for a handbag
That complain 60 1000’s, silly complain you were given nerve
Despatched a pair photographs, the ultimate one was once again burnt
Ain’t realized through now, the dumbass would by no means be informed
I used to be trappin’ and other folks determined to dedicate a homicide
Tryna rob a trapper? Silly complain don’t get murdered
Observed my pimpin’ shit, lil complain, you want cursive
Some of these niggas be jelly, this is the reason I am getting perservatives
Sure sir, sure sir, sure sir, sure sir, sure sir
This shit is actual confidential sir
Oh, you puttin’ out our trade, we gon’ come and getchu sir
Have your folks tellin’ the scoop that you just had doable sir?
You a goofy, you get used like a utensil sir
Get your previous ass shot with this new pistol sir
Smokin’ dope up within the Small screen television fuck the incidental sir
And this Lambo’ mines, no, it’s now not condominium sir
I’m on my option to get the cash ’purpose it’s very important sir
Talkin’ ’bout you’ll prevent me, smartly, why didn’t you sir?
Take a look at my fuckin’ facecard, test my cordential sir
I may pull up in a Bentley continental sir
Best possible shit I ever wrote, this shit huge sir
However I didn’t write that shit, they prefer why didn’t you sir?
How the fuck you havin’ all that shit up in you sir?
Were given a AK the similar top as Kendall sir
I’m a canine in order that complain need my in a kennel sir
Runnin’ to you within the membership it’s coincidental sir[Outro]
Sure sir, sure sir, sure sir, sure sure, sure sir, sure sir, sure sir

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