You Only Live Twice Lyrics Drake ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

You Only Live Twice Lyrics Drake ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

Description:- ​​​​​You Best Are living Two times Lyrics Drake feet. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne are Supplied on this article. This can be a new tune which is sang by way of well-known singer ​Drake. This tune is shape Qualified Lover Boy album. This Tune will free up on 3 September 2021.In case you are looking out ​You Best Are living Two times Lyrics then you’re at the proper publish. So with out losing time shall we leap directly to You Best Are living Two times Tune lyrics.You Best Are living Two times Lyrics DrakeTune:– You Best Are living Two timesSinger:– DrakeThat includes:– Rick Ross & Lil WayneAlbum:– Qualified Lover BoyManufacturer:– Brian “B-Nasty” Reid & Bink!Written:– Brian “B-Nasty” Reid, Bink!, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & DrakeLabel:– OVO Sound & Republic Data

You Best Are living Two times Lyrics Drake feet. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

M-M—, M-M—[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
No, I’m by no means gangbangin’ in my blue Chucks
Cash callin’ so I threw the deuce up
Yeah, they plottin’ on me however they gotta do somethin’
Informed my dawg two-somethin’ simply to shoot somethin’ (M-M—)
Left them niggas stretched out at the teach tracks
Moderately you than me, right here come that payback
Were given ’em lookin’ for that paper that they may be able to’t tax
Yayo so blank, I informed ’em name it, “Ajax”
Hialeah celebrated when Fidel died
Patti LaBelle, who knew that we’d promote pies?
Standin’ by yourself is while you understand
When the entire lighting move out, that’s while you see the actual guys
Again to the actual niggas glowin’ in the dead of night (M-M—)
By no means best possible however you recognize a nigga middle
A wealthy nigga that’ll pull as much as the park
Get on one knee and inform the children that they’re stars
Bullet wounds don’t be coated by way of ObamaCare
Your funeral used to be manner too quickly, that’s in case your mama there
Actual niggas need to are living two times (M-M—)
Plastic fork and a few fried rice[Verse 2: Drake]
Yeah, two-point-two for the Rafael Nadal
Don’t act such as you’re satisfied for me now
Don’t act such as you wasn’t prayin’ for catastrophic collapses
Catalog is immaculate
Nonetheless runnin’ the sport, don’t inquire from me in regards to the apply
Ho, you move on holiday, don’t inquire from me about relaxin’
No longer certain if you recognize however I’m if truth be told Michael Jackson
The person I see within the replicate is if truth be told goin’ platinum
Unthinkable after I bring to mind the best way those niggas been actin’
Yeah, I by no means did you nothin’ and also you play like we circle of relatives, huh?
Subsequent factor, you wanna shoot me down, it may well’t be love
No longer certain the place you used to be tryna ship it, it may well’t be up
That day you seemed like a whinge, you fancy, huh?
Rattling, how can I forgive like this?
I gotta useless numerous shit simply to are living like this
I needed to fuck numerous ladies to get a child like this
I needed to get numerous cribs to get a crib like this, nigga
That’s why I’m movin’ all elusive
Those boys on they ultimate hotel and it’s givin’ us all inclusive
Been spazzin’ since CB used to be chunkin’ up the deuces, nigga
Your shit used to be boo-boo, excuses, excuses, nigga[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Brrrt, would possibly I discuss to pussy niggas?
I simply name it like I see it, I ain’t even lookin’, nigga
I simply stroll it like I discuss and I ain’t speakin’ to them niggas
I ain’t starvin’, I’m simply grasping, all I consume is pussy niggas
Don’t wan’ see those pussy niggas, y’all can’t see me, pussy niggas
You stay talkin’ such as you eatin’, I’ma feed you bullets, nigga
I may even prepare dinner a nigga, all my weed is cookies, nigga
Shove a 8-ball up her pussy like a fetus for me, nigga
I were given bitches doin’ strains, I’m Adidas to ’em, nigga
I were given sentenced, took a while and it used to be more straightforward than easy
I’m so tricky to fathom like a fever within the iciness
I were given girls within the Phantom with they cleavage out the window
Lengthy hair, lot of tats and I odor just like the pack
Cash path proper heading in the right direction
Whip that massive frame Maybach adore it’s a bit Pontiac
All my chains seem like snakes, that’s some actual diamondbacks
Pull my hammer out her pussy, pull her nails out my again
I don’t kick back, I react
At the scale, my wallet fats, and to this whale, you favor a ant
I’ma canine, in case you a canine, then pull your tail up out your ass
And in this Codeine, I’m a turtle, it executed shell-shocked my ass
I’m the most up to date at the cellblock, I promise
I will fly to test my mailbox, invoices soundin’ like Jill Scott
Tablet popped, space in Hidden Hills at the hilltop
Her ears popped, she lick my lollipop and my teardrops, Tunechi1.    Champagne Poetry2.    Papi’s House3.    Ladies Need Ladies (Toes. Lil Child)4.    Within the Bible (Toes. GIVĒON & Lil Durk)5.    Love All (Toes. JAY-Z)6.    Truthful Industry (Toes. Travis Scott)7.    Approach 2 Horny (Toes. Long term & Younger Thug)8.   TSU 9.    N 2 Deep (Toes. Long term)10. Pipe Down11.  Yebba’s Heartbreak by way of Drake & YEBBA12.  No Pals within the Trade13.  Knife Communicate (Toes. 21 Savage & Venture Pat)14.  7AM On Bridle Trail15.  Race My Thoughts16.  Fountains (Toes. Tems)17.  Get Alongside Higher (Toes. Ty Dolla $ign)18.  You Best Are living Two times (Toes. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)19.  IMY2 (Toes. Child Cudi)20.  Fucking Lovers21.  The Regret 

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